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In order to get into the club, which isfashionable and modern, you must not only come to the right place at the appointed time, and also to purchase a ticket, you need to pass face control, which is present in virtually every trendy and modern institution.

& Nbsp-usually control system is needed in orderthat prevailed in the club & nbsp- peaceful atmosphere, as well as a certain style, which is necessary to adhere to all visitors. In order to surely get into the club, you must perform a number of the following rules:

1.& Nbsp- & nbsp- & nbsp- The first step is to get acquainted with the history of the club, in which you plan to get there. To do this, you can see the reviews of people who already had time to visit the club, as well as to visit the club's website and learn more about it in here.

2.& Nbsp- & nbsp- & nbsp- Next is to choose the right clothes for the club. This is very important, since the main focus of security guards on the face control is directed to evaluate the appearance of the customer. Clothing should be modern, beautiful and fashionable. No sportswear in modern club should be. Go to the club in the most expensive and conceptual, but sportswear, it is simply impossible. If a club theme parties, dressing it should be in accordance with the announced topic.

3.& Nbsp- & nbsp- & nbsp- is unacceptable appearance in the person of a minor club. If you look younger than his years, currently is required to have a passport, or get into the club is simply impossible. In some places can not reach, and the person who was only 18 years as the age limit is raised them to 21 and even up to 25 years.

4. & nbsp- & nbsp- & nbsp- is unacceptable visiting club to persons who are in a state of intoxication, or try to carry with them alcoholic beverages.

5.& Nbsp- & nbsp- & nbsp- In some cases, face control can not pass big companies lonely young people. Why? Because they are most often the instigators of riots and fights, but even a very large company of young attractive girls in the club can pass very easily. The best option & ndash- is to come to the club in the mixed companies, consisting of an equal number of girls and boys.

6.& Nbsp- & nbsp- & nbsp- Many guards decide on the entrance to the club is not only a clothing item, but also from the perspective of their own life experience. For example, a visitor who seems a potential instigator of fights, may not be allowed into the club, even if it is tastefully and expensively dressed, and is carrying a lot of money. Thus, for a successful entry into the club need to show a good-natured towards people.

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