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How to get to Vnukovo Airport

How to get to Vnukovo Airport

Vnukovo - one of the three Moscow airports krpneyshih. Annually, the airport used by more than 10 million passengers carried about 150 thousand flights.

Airport is located 10 km from MKAD.



To get to Vnukovo Airport is threeways: by car, by "Aeroexpress", as well as by taxi or bus from the metro station "South West". Access by car is convenient, if you meet or see off someone on the flight. You can drive to the airport and drop off passengers or meet him for 15 minutes for free. If you plan to leave your car on a trip or in the parking lot with the passenger to go to the airport, it will cost you is in quite a significant amount of money. Every half an hour spent in the parking lot "Vnukovo" cost 100 rubles. Staying at the airport three hours, costs 650 rubles driver. But parking in a closed box costs 1000 rubles per night. A more cost-effective options to reach the airport - "Aeroexpress" and bus.


To drive to the Vnukovo airport oncar, you need to travel to Kiev, Minsk highway Borovsky or. The easiest way to go to Kiev highway, because it has a lot of pointers, how to get to the airport, and will help you map. At the entrance to the airport terminals and you will see barriers, in which you need to get a parking card. On receipt of this card starts 15 minutes of free stay at the airport.


If you want to get to Vnukovo"Aeroexpress", first you need to get to the Kiev railway station. It is located in the "Kiev" subway station. To get to the "Aeroexpress" need to get out of the station and enter into a special entrance opposite the shopping center "European". Trains depart every half hour from 6 am to midnight. Although sometimes there are interruptions in the movement, the schedule can be found on the airport's website. The journey takes approximately 35-40 minutes. The fare is 340 rubles one-way.


The third option - buses and taxis from theMetro "Southwest." To take the bus, you need to get out of the metro through the underpass. You need a bus 611. Also, it may be the end of the bus №611 from "C" or "F". Reach you need to stop "Airport". This is the budget option, the ticket price of 25 rubles. Also you can take a taxi №45, but for 100 rubles.

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