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How to get to Sumy

How to get to Sumy

Sumi - a city located in the north-eastern part of Ukraine. Through this regional center are highways and railways.

The city is located in close proximity to the border with Russia.



In Sumy own car

Through the territory of the city lie the route N-07,H-12, T-1901, P-45, P-44, P-61. To get to the Sumy possible with a variety of directions. Route H-07 connects the city with the capital of Ukraine. On the road H-12, you can get to the Sumy Poltava. T-1901 leads to the city from the border with the Russian settlements.

Also there is the track T-1909, on which can beget to Sumy from the south-west. P-44 highway leading into the city from the border with Belarus cities. On the road P-45 can enter the territory of Sumy to Kharkiv region. Highway P-61 connects with the center of Sumy region Konotop.


By rail to Sumy

In the Sumy region center has the opportunity to geton trains and long-distance commuter. The station belongs to the Southern Pacific Railroad. A distance along the railway line to Kiev - 370 km, from Kharkov - 191 km. In Sumy can be reached by train from Kiev, Simferopol, Minsk, Moscow, Yalta, Kharkov. Also in the city run regularly train from Adler, Mineralnye Vody, Anapa, Mariupol, Baranovichi. On commuter trains can be reached in Sumy of many settlements in the area.



Sumy Airport is currently notthe best condition. However, the city can be reached by using the air service from Moscow and Batumi. If you are planning a trip from other regions, then pay attention to airport Kiev or Minsk. The capitals of Ukraine and Belarus take a lot more from various points in Europe and Asia. From there, in Sumy could be reached using a rail or bus service.


Bus service

The city has a regular commuter, intercityand international bus connections to many towns. Come in Sumy can from Kursk, Kiev, Kharkov, Poltava, Mirgorod and many other cities. Detailed schedule for a specific day is better to specify at the bus station of the city.

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