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How to get to Sudak

How to get to Sudak

Pike - a resort town in the Ukraine, located near the Black Sea. This town - a traditional manufacturing center of the Crimean wines.

The population is a little over 15 thousand people.



If you get to Sudak on the plane, it is necessarybuy a ticket for the flight "Moscow - Simferopol". From the airport "Sheremetyevo" on this route fly planes "Aeroflot", and from the airport "Domodedovo" flight "Moscow - Simferopol" sent ships aviakompaniy1 «S7» and «Air Onix". Flight time is between 2 hours and 10 minutes to 2 hours and 25 minutes - it depends on the type of aircraft and ship cruising speed. Arriving with the "Simferopol" from the stop "Airport" should be on the bus to get to the bus stop "Bus 2", and then take the bus "Bus-2 - Sudak". Or sit on the "Bus station-2" on the transit bus "Yevpatoria - Sudak". Time on the road in both cases will be 2 hours 5 minutes.


By train, it is necessary to go to the KurskStation of the Russian capital in the part of "Moscow - Simferopol". Or take the train "Moscow - Sevastopol" and go to the "Simferopol" station. The journey takes around 22 hours. Arriving in Simferopol need to sit down at the stop "Railway station" bus "Simferopol - Sudak". Time on the road will take another 2 hours.


Buses that follow the flight "Moscow - Sudak" every day away from the stop "Bus Novoyasenevskaya". travel time will be about 20 minutes to 28 hours.


You can get to by car and Sudak. For this purpose it is necessary to leave Moscow on the track "M2 Crimea" and start moving in the direction of the Russian-Ukrainian border through prominent, Chekhov, Serpukhov, Tula, Shchekino, Eagle, Zheleznogorsk, Kursk and Belgorod. After the Russian-Ukrainian border highway "M2 Crimea" will turn into "E 105" track. The first major city through which we must pass, will Kharkov. After that, the track "E 105" is necessary to pass Novomoskovsk, Dnipropetrovsk, Sinelnikovo, Zaporozhye, Melitopol and Dzhankoy. After that move on the highway "E97" by Theodosius. And from Feodosia Sudak to go no more than an hour. The total time it will take the road from Moscow to the Pike is between 19 hours and 30 minutes to 21 hours and 45 minutes.

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