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How to get to Poltava

How to get to Poltava

Poltava - a city in Ukraine, the administrative center of the Poltava region. Located on the Dniester Plain, and the first mention of it dates back to the XII century.

So lovers of history there, where to turn.



By plane to the Poltava can be reached as followsway - first to fly on a flight "Moscow - Kharkov". Every day of the airport "Sheremetyevo" liners "Aeroflot" airlines take to the skies and "Dniproavia". Then, from the stop "Airport" to go to the station "Poltava. Central Bus Station". Travel time - not less than 6 hours.


From Moscow to Poltava can be reached by trainlong distance. With the Kursk railway station leave the train and №091A №147H "Moscow - Kremenchug" must go to "Poltava-South" station. Time on the road will be 14 hours and 25 minutes.


There is another way to distance train. To do this, sit on the Kursk railway station for trains №207M "Moscow - Simferopol" №015G "Moscow - Dnepropetrovsk" №009YA "Moscow - Donetsk" and go to the station "Kharkov-Passenger." But after arriving in Kharkiv to buy a bus ticket №5 and go to the stop "Poltava".


If you travel from Moscow to Poltava on the bus,then you first need to get to the subway "Yasenevo", and then to the bus station "Novoyasenevskaya" sit either on the bus "Moscow - Kerch" or "Moscow - Stakhanov" and go to the stop "Kharkiv, traffic police." And already from the stop "Kharkiv, DPS" №5 bus stop to get to the "Poltava".


The second option is a trip on the bus - the stationMetro "Teply Stan". Everyday flight "Moscow - Poltava" travels to the destination 13 hours and 20 minutes. However, this time may be shown only if the roads are free on all problem areas.


In the third case, the bus can be up to PoltavaSchelkovskogo get from the bus station. However, there are very few flights - just twice a week. In addition, these flights are often canceled due to insufficient number of passengers.


By car you first need to go on the road M-2Crimea and move south through Orel, Kursk and Belgorod. After the Russian-Ukrainian border to go along the road E105 to go in the direction of Kharkov, and then on the Kharkiv highway A 105 in a straight line to reach the Poltava. The road will take approximately 13 hours and 45 minutes - depending on the load line.

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