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How to get on the open


How to get to the open air in Europe</a>

Open-air events - the so-called open-airs - have long been familiar to residents of most countries. They originated in Europe.

And it's explained simply - the climate of Europe has to rest in the fresh air.

Russians actively take part in such festivals and take over the experience of their holding.

Fortunately, it's easy to get to open-air.

You will need

  • - international passport-
  • - visa-
  • - 2 photos of 35 * 45 millimeters.



To begin with, decide for yourself what open-air you areWant to get: musical, dance, artistic, etc. The choice is truly huge. Almost every week in one of the European countries are open-air festivals of various levels - from the state to the amateur. Find information about them on the Internet. For example, on the websites of travel companies. Pay attention to the terms of participation.


Often trips to the open airs are organizedTourist firms or individuals - amateurs and professionals. If you plan to attend a major outdoor festival, the organizers will surely be found. It is enough to drive in the search line in any search engine the name of the festival you need.


Open-Airs are often free, but most of the festivals still have a certain cost. It is best to know it in advance.


Since you want to go to Europe, youIt is necessary to have a foreign passport and a valid visa. Visas are of several types and are issued for different periods. In many European countries, the so-called Schengen visa operates. Short-term is issued for a period of 3 months. To receive it you need to apply to the embassy of any country that is part of the Schengen area. Best of all, of course, the one where you intend to go. At the embassy or consulate, fill in the questionnaires, attach two photographs 35 to 45 mm, copies of Russian and foreign passports, the original passport. Now you need to wait for a decision and, in case of approval, take a visa. The procedure for reviewing your application will be accelerated if you download the questionnaire on the embassy's website of the country you need, fill it in and already with it you will come to the visa department.


If the country to which you are traveling to open-air,Is not included in the Schengen area, contact the embassy for a national visa. The list of documents necessary for its receipt, you can find on the websites of the embassies of these countries in Russia. A positive role in the consideration of your application can be played by any visa that was issued to you earlier.


Now it remains to order a ticket for a plane or another type of transport and book a hotel. You can also use your private car.

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