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How to get to Nice

How to get to Nice

The French city of Nice is strongly associated with casinos, millionaires and elegant life. It is here that you can see on the boardwalk of the ruling Prince of Monaco Albert II.

And love is still here to spend their leisure movie star of the first magnitude.

Yes and tourists the city receives tens of thousands of the year.



The easiest way to get to Nice by plane. From Domodedovo airport fly flights of "Aeroflot" and "Russian", but only ships of "Aeroflot" from Sheremetyevo. Flight time is 4 hours 15 minutes.


But not all tourists and avidtravelers are well tolerated plane. They have an alternative - long-distance trains. A train №017V "Moscow - Nice" every day departs from Belorussky Station of the Russian capital. in the way time is 49 hours.


For those who do not like long-distance trains andaircraft, there is a good way out - to get to your destination by bus "Moscow - Nice". Every two weeks a flight departs from Belorussky railway station. Travel time - 40 hours. So this route for those who are not afraid to spend too much time on the road, and at the same time Europe wants to see out of the window.


Recently it is becoming more popularjourney from Moscow to Nice by car. This does have its own charm. Because you can stop whenever and wherever you want, regardless of the bus schedules, trains and planes. The first option is a trip to Nice by car: on the territory of Russia to go on the highway M1, at the entrance to Belarus to move on P-99, in Poland - on the road E30 in Germany - on high-speed motorway A9, and already in France to Nice drive on the highway E26.


The second option is the way to Nice by car - onRussian ride on the highway M2, in Ukraine - on the road E50, via Slovakia need to drive through a newly renovated highway E58. In Austria, you must move out on a high-speed motorway E66, in Italy to move on the highway E27, as in France, as in the first embodiment, on the road E26 to Nice. This path is slightly longer than in the first case, but much more interesting. Because the road will come across excellent Czech and Austrian towns, and Italian architecture is still considered one of the best in Europe. Travel time excluding stops and overnight will take approximately 37 hours.

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