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How to get to Naro

How to get to Naro-Fominsk

Around Moscow there are a great many small towns that are particularly unremarkable, but without them the suburbs have lost some of its color.

These cities include Naro-Fominsk, which is located 7 kilometers from the Trinity district of Moscow and is the title of City of Military Glory.



A very popular way to get toNaro-Fominsk - is to buy a ticket on the train. With the Kiev railway station moves them in abundance. Here, on which trains run to the "Nara" station "Moscow - Nara", "Moscow - Kaluga-1", "Moscow - Maloyaroslavets" and "Moscow - Kaluga-2." The time spent on the road, is 1 hour 20 minutes.


Also, six times a day, you can get to the Naro-Fominsk on the express train "Moscow - Kaluga", which also departs from the Kiev railway station of the Russian capital, and makes a stop at the "Nara" station.


Those who are inconvenient to get to the Naro-Fominsk ontrain, can make use of this form of transport as the bus. From the metro station "South West" every 20 minutes depart buses that go to the washed-stop "Naro-Fominsk. Railway station". Because of congestion, and the route is almost constant traffic jams at any time of day, travel time is about 1 hour 10 minutes.


There is another way to get from Moscow toNaro-Fominsk on the bus. For this we need to get to "Shchelkovskaya" metro station and the bus station Shchelkovo buy a ticket for one of ten buses that go to the stop "Naro-Fominsk. Central square".


If you get to the Naro-Fominsk on the car, you have to have a few options here. In the first case it is necessary to go on the M3 highway and do not turn off - the road itself will result in Naro-Forminsk.


In the second case, you can get in Naro-Fominsk on the highway A-130, turning then to the Small Moscow Ring, which also lead to a turn in the Naro-Fominsk.


If we use the third option, you need to move on the highway M1 Belarus before turning left at Kubinka. After that, the road will go straight to the Naro-Fominsk.


There is also a fourth option - we must go onroad M2 Crimea, and then just as well turn to the Small Moscow Ring and move the signs to the Naro-Fominsk. If there is no congestion, the time will take about 45 minutes on the road.

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