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How to get to large land

How to get to large land

According to the amendments to the Law "On the promotion ofHousing ", which has brought President Dmitry Medvedev June 16, 2011, a Russian family with three or more children have the right to qualify for the allocation of land to her.

In this area a family can build a house, cottage, land use at their discretion.

There are some rules for obtaining such a plot.

You will need

  • - Copies of parents' passports (all pages) -
  • - Copies of passports of children from 14 years old-
  • - Copies of birth certificates of children with
  • - A statement on the form of an administrative organa-
  • - A copy of the certificate of marriage.



Land allocated to the families ofstate or municipal property area. The family can get the plot, located in the district or urban district, where she lives. The minimum size of the allocated area is provided to 0.05 hectares, maximum - 0.1 hectares.


The place where the allocated land, their size, the required documentation for their production are determined by the district administration or the city where the family lives.


The family, which claims to landportion to be a large (three or more children). Parents in the family should be more than five years to live in a place where they claim the land, all children are registered at the place of residence in the area of ​​reception area. The family should not be in the presence of other land.


To apply for the allocation of landPlot a large family, parents living in the administrative center of your field, or their authorized representative should contact the Department of Property Relations of the field. If a family lives in other settlements, it is necessary to contact the local authorities of their district of residence.


When making the application for land serveddocuments, the name of which may vary in different regions of the country. Apart from the application of the free provision of land for a specific written form, submitted copies of passports (all pages) of the parents and, if available, children older than 14 years.


The package of documents should also be copiesbirth certificates of children (all children must be citizens of the Russian Federation), the marriage certificate of parents. May require additional documentation at the request of those taking them. In the case of packet forwarding official documents through the post office, all copies of the documents must be notarized.

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