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How to get to Kozelsk

How to get to Kozelsk

Kozelsk - an ancient city in the Kaluga region, the administrative center of the district Kozelsk.

The city is located on the banks of the river Zhizdra, and its population is a little over 17 thousand people.



The easiest way to get from Moscow to Kozelsktrain. To do this, take the train "Moscow - Kaluga-1", which is about 11 times a day depart from the Kiev railway station of the Russian capital. Reaching the Kaluga, it is necessary to get to the stop "Railway Station" bus №32 and go to the stop "Kozelsk. Central square". You can also take the bus №41 and go to the same stop. The total time spent on the trip - about 6 hours and 35 minutes.


Before Kozelsk can be reached by bus. First you have to get to the "Teply Stan" metro station. Next to it is a small bus station, from which depart buses running on routes "Moscow - Kozelsk", "Moscow - Ulyanovo", "Moscow - The District", "Moscow - Sosensky". Get out at the stop "Kozelsk." Faster bus goes all the "Moscow - Kozelsk" and the slowest "Moscow - Ulyanovo". Time on the road is approximately 5 hours and 10 minutes, if there is no congestion. Another version of a trip by bus - the bus station "Novoyasenevskaya" №47 on the route "Moscow - Kozelsk. Central square".


If you go by car, it is necessary to MKADTurn on the Kiev highway and bypass Obninsk and Maloyaroslavets. Then Kiev highway smoothly into the highway M-3 "Ukraine", according to which both should go, anywhere without displacing. After the village Shugurovo will be a sharp turn to the left and more than 30 kilometers to move up to the entrance to Kozelsk. This route takes about 5 hours.


The second option is a trip in Kozelsk on the car -go to Warsaw highway, which then goes into the road A-130, and go through the Podolsk and Klimovsk in the direction of Kaluga. After the car will pass through Kaluga, turn right and then left on the road M-3 "Ukraine". After 35 kilometers will turn to Kozelsk. In this case, the path takes about 6 hours, without taking into account the delays on the road.

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