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How to get to Kolomna

Kolomna Kremlin

Kolomna - a nice and cozy town located in the south-east of Moscow region, 100 kilometers from the capital.

You can reach it in different ways: by train, by bus or by car.



Go to Kolomna on the train. To do this, you need to get to the metro station "Komsomolskaya" in the Ring or Sokolniki line and get out of the subway station in Kazan. Next, take a train that goes from Moscow - station "Golutvin". Travel time takes about 2 hours - 2 hours 30 minutes. Travel time depends on the stops, which makes train on its way. "Golutvin" is the main station in Kolomna.

Also you can use and railexpress train, which runs between Moscow and Ryazan. He takes you to Kolomna and a half hours. The city center from the train station can be reached by tram, bus or taxi, which depart from stops located close to the station.


Please use the road. From Moscow to Kolomna bus ride away. To do this, you need to get on Violet Metro subway line to the "Vykhino" station and get to the bus station. Then take the bus №460 and go to the stop "Golutvin". Travel time takes about 2 hours. Bus schedule you can see at the bus station or on the Internet and plan your route.


If you want to get to Kolomna oncar, then you need to get out of the Volgograd prospectus on the M5 highway and ride, guided by the signs for the city of Chelyabinsk. The move must be kept right up to the T-junction where you will turn left again and go straight to the next intersection with a pointer to the city of Ryazan. Next, you need to turn at the sign on the Ryazan and continue to the village Stepanschino, having passed that, you will see the bridge that you want to pass and move directly to the city of Kolomna. Driving time without traffic jams takes about two hours.

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