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How to get to Kirovsk

How to get to Kirovsk

Kirovsk - a city located in the heart of the peninsula, 205 kilometers south of Murmansk.

You can reach it by plane, by train or by car.



The fastest and most convenient way to get toKirovsk - hop on a plane. In Kirovsk there is no airport, so will have to fly to the city of Apatity and Murmansk. Direct flights to the city of Apatity makes airline "RusLine" and to Murmansk - "Russia", "Nord Avia", "RusLine", "UTair".
It can be reached in several ways from Murmansk airport to Kirovsk:
1. Order a taxi, it takes time 2.5-3 hours on the road.
2. To get to the train station in Murmansk and then the next train to the Apatity-1 station. On the way you will spend about 4-5 hours.
3. To get to the bus station. Bus and rail / train station in Murmansk are close by. Further, by taxi or by bus to Kirovsk. The journey takes 3-4.5 hours.

In order to get from the airport to Apatity Kirovsk, you first need to go by bus 20 minutes to the city and then another 20 minutes by bus or taxi to Kirovsk.


If the time you are not greatly restricted, then toKirovsk can be reached by train. Note that in Kirovsk there is the train station, so you need to take a ticket to the Apatity-1 station. The journey from Moscow takes about one and a half days. From the train station to Kirovsk can be reached by bus or taxi №131. There is another option: the station will need to get on the bus №8 to the center of Apatity, namely, to stop "shop North". Next, you need to change to bus or taxi №102, 128 or 135 and get off at Kirovsk. The easiest, but also the most expensive option - is to take a taxi to get from the train / railway station to the town of Apatity, Kirovsk.


Prior to Kirovsk from Moscow can be reached by car. You can get there by two routes:
- On the road to St. Petersburg to Chudovo, then through the Kirishi and Volkhov to Novaya Ladoga, then go on the road "St. Petersburg-Murmansk", in which the access to Kirovsk.
- According to the Yaroslavl highway to Vologda (highwayM8), then in the direction of Vytegra by road P-5 "Vologda-Medvezhyegorsk", further along the road "St. Petersburg-Murmansk" to the city of Kirovsk. This option compared to the first would save 200 kilometers.

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