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How to get to Karaganda

How to get to Karaganda

Karaganda - one of the largest cities of Kazakhstan and until 1997 is generally the most populated city of the country.

Karaganda known for being born here, manyfamous people. For example, the Russian ice hockey goaltender Konstantin Barulin, Russian champion in boxing Natalia Ragozin, and many others.

And yet here he was serving at the time the link known ethnographer Lev Gumilyov.



The fastest way to get to Karaganda on the plane. From the airport Domodedovo once a day departing flights "Moscow - Karaganda" airline "Transaero", and from Sheremetyevo - liners "Aeroflot". Flight time - 3 hours 30 minutes. Flights from the Russian capital arrive in Karaganda Sary-Arka Airport. It is the largest and perhaps the most beautiful of all airports in Kazakhstan. Its total area is 30 thousand square meters. But for all its high technical and operational characteristics of the Sary-Arka is the only problem - he has almost no passenger traffic, and the airport is almost empty. On the day there is only 3-4 flight that for such a large space is extremely low.


For those who does not tolerate flying above the clouds,It has the opportunity to get to Karaganda on a long distance train. With Kazan station three times a week leaving train "Moscow - Karaganda". The composition passes many beautiful places, but in a way it is about 60 hours.


There is another option for rail connections to Kazakhstan, get on the train "Moscow - Astana", but in the end station at the stop "Railway station" seats on the bus "Astana - Karaganda".


Since buses from Moscow to Karaganda do not go,it is possible to get to the destination by car. In the first version of "Ural" should be on the highway M5 take the course at Orenburg, and then pass on the steppes of more than 300 kilometers and enter Karaganda. In the second variant it is necessary to follow the M5 highway route from Moscow to Chelyabinsk, then M37 highway to Astana and further to Karaganda.


In a third embodiment, on the highway M4 "Don"It can be reached from Moscow to Volgograd, and then passing the Atyrau and Baikonur, on the highway M36 to get to Karaganda. The road by car takes at least 55 hours, excluding stops.

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