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How to get to Ivanovo

How to get to Ivanovo

Ivanovo is known to all as the city of brides.

However, experts argue that it is a myth in everyday use.

After all, according to the latest statistical research, the men in this town is not much less than the fair sex.



Oddly enough, but can be up to Ivanovo... get the aircraft. A single flight per week "Moscow - Ivanovo" airline "Rusline" departs from the airport "Domodedovo". Russian beauties of nature in the window you will not see, but the road will take only 1 hour 5 minutes.


The most popular way to travel in Ivanovo -this is a common train. In the window you can admire the beauty and and drive to your destination without any problems. In order to enjoy a trip on the train, there are two flight "Moscow - Ivanovo" and "Moscow - Kineshma". Enjoy will have 7 hours - so much train rides to Ivanovo.


Buses depart in the direction of Ivanovo with the most popular in the Russian capital Schelkovskogo bus. Daily flight "Moscow - Ivanovo" starts 26 times. That is, the buses leave every 25 minutes.


However, not all use the servicesSchelkovskogo bus. Because near Kazan railway station there is a small bus station, from which buses also depart in the direction of Ivanovo. Time on the road - 5 and a half hours.


But the most remarkable thing - a trip from Moscow toIvanovo car. It is especially good in early autumn, when the leaves start to turn yellow only. We have to go on the Nizhny Novgorod highway in the direction of Vladimir, Suzdal and then. From Suzdal to Ivanovo is not too far away. That is why you can combine business with pleasure and walk in this ancient town.


In the second embodiment, a trip by car routeIt goes on the Yaroslavl highway through Pereslavl and Gavrilov-Yam. It is slightly longer than the first way, but more picturesque nature, and traffic congestion will be less.


According to the third embodiment, it is necessary to go againNizhny Novgorod on the highway, but to turn aside Vladimir Yuriev-Polsky town. And from him on the back roads and you can ride to Ivanovo. The journey time by car is about 5 hours.

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