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How to get to Holland


How to get to Holland</a>

When mentioning Holland, many people do notThe most unequivocal associations: drugs, coffee shops, Red Light District. But the Netherlands is also beautiful towns, and magnificent canals, mills and chic nature.

In general, there it is worth to go and see everything "alive".



You can get to Holland by severalWays. The fastest and most convenient is, of course, a flight on an airplane. You can fly both with Aeroflot flights from Sheremetyevo Airport and Dutch Airlines, the small airliners of which depart from Domodedovo airport. The flight time is 2 hours and 30 minutes.


But to get to Holland by a long-distance trainIt will not work without a change. It is necessary to go by the train "Moscow - Munich", which departs from the Belorussian station of the Russian capital, and then to change the train "Munich - Amsterdam".


The second option is to take the Moscow-Berlin route, and then make a transfer to Berlin-Amsterdam train. The journey time will be 35 hours.


According to the third option, you need to buy a ticket for the train "Moscow - Hamburg", and then change to a comfortable train, which six times a day from Hamburg to Munich.


There are people who do not like planes because ofThat nothing can be seen from the portholes except the clouds and the sky. And that's why they prefer a slow, but very interesting option - a trip by bus. Once a week the flight Moscow - Amsterdam leaves Belarus station and passes through Ukraine, Poland and Germany. To look at several countries for one trip is very tempting for many. Moreover, the travel time will be about 65 hours.


There are lovers of travel who simply loveTo visit different countries on your car. To get by car to Holland, you need to travel through the territory of Ukraine, Poland and Germany. And from the German city of Dusseldorf to Holland at all.


There is also a second option for traveling by car - to move through the territory of Belarus, Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany to the German-Dutch border, which is almost not guarded.

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