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How to get to Golitsyn

How to get to Golitsyn

From Moscow to the Moscow Region 54 km Golitsyno.

To get to the city in the Moscow area can be by public transport (buses, commuter trains) and by car.



Before electric station Golitsyno followed withBelorussky railway station. travel time will be about one hour. Departure from the train station every 15 minutes. High-speed trains Rex "Region-Express", following in the direction of Mozhaisk, will deliver up to half an hour Golitsyno. Take the train can also be cross-country stations, Fili, Kuntsevo and industrial community.


Golitsyno get to Moscow by bus possiblewith a change in Krasnoznamensk or Odintsovo. Bus route number 442 in Krasnoznamensk departs from the metro station "Victory Park" station. Travel time - 30 minutes. At the checkpoint you need to transfer to a bus to the route number 35. Before Golitsyno on it you can be reached in 20 minutes.


If the transplant is easier to do in Odintsovo, then toStation can be reached by bus number 339 from metro, bus number 461 "Victory Park" from the metro station "South West", by bus number 418 from the "Youth" and the bus number 468 from the "Peredelkino" platform. From Odintsovo station Golitsyno a bus number 1055. Departure time (daily, except Saturday and Sunday): 6:15, 08:00, 10:00, 12:05, 13:55, 15:40. On weekends: 6:15, 08:00, 12:05, 13:55, 15:40, 18:00. In addition, you can use the shuttle, which runs more frequently than the bus.


From Moscow to Golitsyno can be reached by Mozhayskoe,Minsk, Rublevo-Uspensky or Kiev highway. Drivers often make the choice in the direction of Minsk, Mozhaisk Highway. After turning on the Moscow Ring Road Mozhayskoe - two variants of further way. It can be in the region of Odintsovo arches leave right and drive through the city, continue along the Mozhaisk road, or, avoiding the arch, go already on the Minsk highway, not overloaded with traffic lights and towns. When choosing the route should take into account that the Odintsovo quite often stands in the traffic jams, so travel time may increase significantly.

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