How to get to France

How to get to France</a>

Those who do not want to be content with only the beachRest, maybe like a trip to France. Lovers of antiquity will find in this country many historical monuments, and fans of shopping will be able to update the wardrobe.

However, for a comfortable trip it is important to organize your visit to France correctly.



Get a passport if you did not do itbefore. To do this, go to the website of the Federal Migration Service and download the questionnaire for requesting a passport. Fill it in and assure it at your place of work or school. Also, check the FMS website for the amount of the fee and bank details, pay the fee and attach a copy of the receipt to your application form. Also take a picture. With all the documents and photos, come to the FMS at the place of residence at reception hours or make an appointment in advance through the FMS website. Your passport will be ready in a month if you apply for a residence permit, or within three months, if you applied to the FMS in another city.


Select the mode of transport. The cheapest thing is to go by bus - the ticket Moscow-Paris will cost you 250 euros. Also there are discounts for children and large groups of travelers. However, be prepared for the long journey - the journey will take 2.5 days. Another option is a train ride. By the time it is comparable to a bus, but at the same time the compartment on the train will be more comfortable than the chair in the bus. The most popular is the third option - an airplane. Flights to Paris, Marseilles and Nice fly not only from Moscow, but also from St. Petersburg. The flight by air will take about 4 hours. Tickets for both airplane, train, and bus can be bought both on the Internet, and at the ticket offices or in travel agencies.


Get a French visa. To do this, fill out the tourist visa application form by downloading it from the website of the French consulate. Also take a picture for the visa. Buy insurance for the entire stay in France. Get a salary certificate or a bank statement that you have enough money to travel. Reserve a hotel room or get an invitation from the person who is going to live. Submit these documents to the French consulate or visa center. If the visa can not be obtained in your city, send the package of documents by registered mail.

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