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How to get to Formula

How to get to Formula 1

Formula 1 - Championship, which attracts the attention of fans around the world.

To get to the stands is not so difficult.

Options for how to get the coveted ticket, very, very much.

You will need

  • - international passport-
  • - a plastic card-
  • - money-
  • - viza-
  • - a computer.



Log in to the team, which is sent to theCompetition to serve the car and driver. But this is only possible if you are familiar with the machine, have a wealth of experience in the rapid repair of cars. Of course, you need communication in racing circles, because just like the championship all in a row are not taken.


Become a sponsor of the competition, and thusensure their access to the stands the fans. After all, especially for the sponsors, there are invitations to all races of the season. The sponsorship package will also give you an opportunity to get closer to the pilots of the Formula and talk to them personally.


Alternatively, organize a trip to the racesFormula 1 alone. If you are not limited to financial resources, you can go to all the steps of the royal race. To do this, you need to pre-book a hotel in cities and countries where the races will take place. After Make sure to buy tickets to the places where the tracks are located. We can only buy tickets for the competitions themselves. You can do this on the official race website. Here, under "Tickets & Travel", specify what races you would like to get into, and fill out all the information about yourself - name, number and type of cards with the help of which you will pay for the purchase, expiration date, and a special code. Approve the purchase. Get on their e-mail proof of payment and e-ticketing. Now you can go quite officially to the world championship.


If the money you have is not so much or younot like all the tracks, buy tickets only to those races that interest you. Each track has its own official website. Through it you can get your desired tickets. Again themselves pay road and you are on the Cup.


Buy a ticket to the travel agencies. They offer a full range of services - from visa and settling you into the hotel to sell tickets at the Grand Prix of any country. Naturally, this service will cost an order of magnitude more expensive than buying a separate ticket and prepare for the trip. The margin is at least 50%.


Buy tickets at the ticket office near the tracks where races are held. However, this method is risky due to the fact that the ticket can no longer simply be.


And, of course, you can buy a ticket from the dealers. The margin in this case is about 100%.

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