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How to get to Feodosia from Simferopol

In Feodosia from Simferopol

The distance between Simferopol and Feodosia is about 115 km. On the road takes approximately 2:00.

To get to Feodosia by bus from the central bus station and the bus station №2, on the train with transfers from the train station by taxi, on private vehicles.

Also taxi drivers offering their services.

Prior to Feodosia by bus

In Feodosia from Simferopol walk voyageintercity buses with the message Simferopol - Theodosius and Simferopol - Kerch. Also, through the stations of the city passing by scheduled intercity buses from other cities - with Sevastopol, Yalta, Novopavlovka, Yalta, the Black Sea.
From the bus station №2, located on the territory ofTrain Station at ul. Gagarina, 8, the first bus to Feodosia leaves at 4:50, the last at 20:30 hours. Buses depart every 20-40 minutes. The ticket price is about 125 p. According to Reference Station phone +380 (652) 252560, +380 (652) 277421, you can find out the exact time of departure of the trip bus fare and clarify.
From the Central Bus Station, located atstr. Kiev, 4, to Feodosiya bus leaves at 12:50 am. A lot of passing buses from other cities. For example, the bus leaves from Sevastopol to Simferopol station daily at 15:19 and 20:30 from Yalta at 16:50 h. The ticket price varies and is about 125 p. A telephone controller bus station +380 (652) 276495 can be found near the departure time of the bus and the exact price of the ticket.
I do not recommend to buy a ticket to Dzhankoy if toFeodosia has no ticket. With Jankoi even harder to get, as a direct bus Dzhankoi - Feodosiya does not exist and at the passing commuter intercity buses to get tickets will be hard.

Prior to Feodosia by train

Prior to Feodosia from Simferopol, there is no direct train,get to your destination can only transfers. Train №6630 with the direction of Simferopol - Dzhankoy departs from the train station at 20:40 am Two hours later arrives in Dzhankoy, there should be at 01:15 to take the train №6741 Dzhankoi -. Kerch and get to Vladislavovka. The journey time is 2 hours 30 minutes. Vladislavovka is from Feodosia 17 km. Prior to the final destination can be reached by bus or taxi.

Before Feodosia comfortably

Of course, the fastest, most comfortable way to get to Feodosia is your personal vehicles. For half an hour on the road consumes 12 liters of fuel.
Also quickly dovezut to destination comfortable minivan taxi. The price of travel have higher than buses. they drove away from the bus station as passengers fill.
The bus stations obsessive offer their servicestaxi drivers. The approximate cost of the trip from Simferopol to Feodosiya about 2000 p. Do not trust taxi drivers, who are standing next to the bus station ticket office and said that tickets for the bus anymore.

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