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How to get to Dresden

How to get to Dresden

Dresden - one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. This is the administrative center of Saxony on the Elbe River.

The city placed the Dresden Gallery, Grünes Gevelbe, Armory, Semper Opera House and many other attractions that attract tourists from around the world.



In Dresden on the Autobahn

In Germany, you can quickly move overroad and on the railways. To start think over the first version. E40 route leads into the city from the west and connects the capital of Saxony to Frankfurt. On highway E55, you can come from the south - from Prague (Czech Republic) and Linz (Austria). Also, lead and some regional roads in the Saxon capital. On highway 170 can be reached from the southern part of Saxony and the Czech border. Route 6 runs through Dresden from east to west. On it you can get to the center of Leipzig, Saxony.


By train to the capital of Saxony

Dresden is a railway junction. From Berlin to the city can be reached by the EU high-speed train in 2 hours 10 minutes. In Dresden by train can come from many localities in Germany and some European Union cities.


In Saxony through Dresden-Klotzsche

The international airport Dresden-Klotzsche is located9 km north of the city center. Its annual passenger traffic of 1.7 million. Man. From Dresden airport is linked by rail and motorway A4. The fare on the train to the city center is 2.5 euros. By taxi, you can reach Dresden in about 17 euros. Dresden-Klotzsche Airport receives regular flights from Moscow, Milan, Bourgas, Vienna, Hamburg, Larnaca, Antalya, Cologne. Also in the city seasonally planes arriving from Catania, Varna, Rhodes Lights.


Bus Dresden

At the city bus station "Central" in DresdenRegular flights arrive from all over Europe. Get on the bus can be from Berlin, Prague, Switzerland, France and even from Moscow in the "Florence on the Elbe". Regular flights are also available from Vienna, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, London, Copenhagen and many other cities in Europe. The fare depends on the distance. For example, a ticket from Moscow and back costs about 200 euros.

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