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How to get to Donetsk

How to get to Donetsk

Donetsk - one of the richest cities in eastern Ukraine.

Here lives the largest number of billionaires. It is home to the richest Ukrainian - Rinat Akhmetov, whose fortune is estimated at $ 18 billion.

And Donetsk called the city of the pyramids, because of the huge amount of resources in the region are many heaps.

And even in the city they pour a lot - as many as 125.



The fastest and most convenient way to get toDonetsk - on a plane. Flights from "Moscow - Donetsk" fly every day. From "Domodedovo" airport in the sky rise liners airline "Transaero" from "Vnukovo" flying aircraft of airline "UTair", and from "Sheremetyevo" - aircraft airline "Aeroflot". Flight time is 1 hour 45 minutes.


But we know that many do not like or are afraidto fly. For such travelers the most preferred and safest option - a long-distance trains. From the Russian capital Kursk railway station trains "Moscow - Donetsk" and "Moscow - Mariupol". In 2013, these formulations were superior cars, and both flights are very popular with passengers. On the way you will have to spend 20 hours and 10 minutes.


Also, there are people who are not only afraid of flyingin airplanes, but the trains are not very comfortable to drive. These travelers choose the bus. The bulk of the bus "Moscow - Donetsk" departs from the bus station Schelkovskogo.


There is a small bus station near the Kursk railway station of the Russian capital. From there departs one bus per day. The journey time is 16 hours.


Well, the most comfortable way to Donetsk - is,Of course, the car. There are several options for the way to this village. You can get to Donetsk through Kursk, Belgorod and Kharkov on the highway M2 Crimea.


In a second embodiment, a motorist gets to Donetsk through Russia and Belarus on lines M1 and M2, then goes on the road E 105 through Chernigov and Dnepropetrovsk.


The third variant of the road a bit circuitous, but veryinteresting for those who have an open Schengen visa. For its implementation it is necessary to go through the territory of Belarus on the highway M2, then pass on the edge of Poland on the road E 67, and after the entry of Ukraine to move along the road E 105.


The fourth option of car travel - through Volgograd and Rostov-on-Don M4 Don and E 107. The time on the road is 14 and a half hours.

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