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How to get to Dombai


How to get to Dombai</a>

Dombai always attracted travelers and sportsmen.

After all, it is here that the dazzling white snow and the majestic peaks of the mountains.

Here you can ride on ordinary and downhill skiing, ride a snowmobile and even do climbing ascents.

In general, there is something to do.



By plane, you can get to Dombai only fromTransplantation. The first stage is the Moscow-Sochi flight. On this route, the airlines "Ural Airlines", "Izhavia", "VIM-Avia" fly from Domodedovo airport, and from "Sheremetyevo" - "Alrosa", "Aeroflot" and "Air France". Upon arrival, you should take the bus or fixed-route taxi No. 97 "Sochi-Dombai" to the "Airport" station and go to the "Central Station" stop. The total travel time is approximately 5 hours and 20 minutes.


There is another way to get to Dombai - trainDistance travel. Do not go to Dombai itself, but you can buy a ticket for the train "Moscow - Kislovodsk", which departs three times a day from the Kazan railway station of the Russian capital. Destination - Pyatigorsk station, where you can take bus number 45 and get to the stop "Dombai. Central square". Travel time is 26 hours.


The second option is to go by train "Moscow -Stavropol ", which departs from Paveletsky railway station. This composition is somewhat slower than the flight "Moscow - Kislovodsk", but the loss of time is compensated by the convenience of movement and new cars. And at the stop "Vokzal" in Stavropol it will be necessary to change to bus number 44 and follow to the station "Dombai. Central Station".


But on the bus to go to Dombai verynot easy. The matter is that the flights are quite rare - the bus leaves the Russian capital strictly once a week, and that is why the salons are often crowded and tickets are quite difficult to get. Buses depart from the Kazan station of the Russian capital and are on the road for about 30 hours.


Those who do not want to contact the bus orBy train, go on a journey by car. We must move along the M4 highway through Tula, Voronezh, Rostov-on-Don, Stavropol and Cherkessk. This way can be traveled in 25 hours without taking into account the stops. But if there are congestion on the main road, the road can stretch out to 30 hours.

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