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How to get to Dombay

How to get to Dombay

Dombay always attracted travelers and athletes.

After all, this is where the dazzling white snow and majestic mountain peaks.

Here you can ride a normal and skiing, ride on snowmobiles, and even rock climbing commit.

In general, there is something to do.



By plane to get to Dombay will onlytransplant. The first phase - flight "Moscow - Sochi". On this route from Domodedovo flying airline "Ural Airlines", "Izhavia", "VIM-Avia" and from Sheremetyevo -. "Alrosa", "Aeroflot" and "Air France" On arrival it is necessary to "Airport" station to take a bus or taxi №97 "Sochi - Dombai" and go to the stop "Central Station." Total time is approximately 5 hours and 20 minutes.


There is another option in the way Dombay - trainlong distance. Until Dombai compositions do not go, but you can buy a ticket on the train "Moscow - Kislovodsk", which is three times a day depart from the Kazan railway station the Russian capital. Destination - station "Pyatigorsk", where you can take the bus №45 and go to the stop "Dombai. Central square". The journey time is 26 hours.


The second option - to go on the train "Moscow -Stavropol ', which departs from the Paveletskaya station. This formulation is somewhat slower than the flight "Moscow - Kislovodsk," but the time loss is compensated by the convenience of transportation and new cars. And at the bus stop "Station" in Stavropol will need to change to bus №44 and follow up to the station "Dombai. Central Station".


But on the bus to go to the very Dombaynot easy. The fact that flights are quite rare - the bus leaves from the Russian capital is strictly once a week, and that's why salons are often overcrowded and tickets are quite difficult to get. Buses depart from the Kazan railway station the Russian capital and are on the road for about 30 hours.


Those who do not want to communicate with the bus ordistance train, a journey by car. We must move on the highway M4 through Tula, Voronezh, Rostov-on-Don, Stavropol and Cherkessk. This way you can drive for 25 hours, excluding stops. But if on the main highway congestion will occur, the road may take up to 30 hours.

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