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How to get to Cologne

How to get to Cologne

Cologne - one of the largest cities in Germany.

It is the administrative center of North Rhine - Westphalia. The main attraction of the city - the famous Cologne Cathedral.

Here are located and other architectural masterpieces that attract tourists from around the world.



In Cologne by car

The town is surrounded by a network of high-speed highways. In a country where produced quality cars and highways are easy to ignore this kind of movement would be foolish. On the highway E40, you can get into the city both in Belgium and in Poland. This road connects Cologne with another beautiful city in Germany - Dresden. On the highway E35 you can reach the capital of Westphalia from Amsterdam. Also in the city is a lot of regional trails from different directions.


By rail to the capital of Westphalia

Every minute through the city runs 8 trainsso getting to the city by the railway line is a snap. In Cologne you can come from many parts of Europe - Paris, Moscow, London, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf. Some cities are sent to high-speed express trains, such as Brussels and Amsterdam.


air traffic

In the suburbs of Cologne is an internationalKonrad Adenauer Airport. Cologne air gate occupy 6th place in Germany for passenger traffic. The airport is one of the few in the country round the clock. Geographically, it is located 15 km south-east from the city center of Cologne. It has regular flights to Berlin, Vienna, Prague, London. Also, the airport receives flights from Istanbul, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Munich, Ankara, Antalya. Seasonally in Cologne come from Algeria planes, Heraklion, Pisa, Varna, Athens.


Bus service to Cologne

It is unlikely that someone will surprise the fact that the city hasbus station. Cologne has bus connections to many European cities. To arrive in Westphalia capital can be from Berlin, Barcelona, ​​Warsaw. Connections in the development of Europe, so to get to Cologne not be easy.

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