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How to get to the wine festival in Bordeaux

How to get to the wine festival in Bordeaux

Bordeaux Wine Festival - a real treat for lovers and connoisseurs of this unique beverage.

It is held in even years in the same city and collects hundreds of thousands of visitors who want to try these wines of Bordeaux and Aquitaine and to learn more about French wine.

Wine Festival began held since 1998 andalmost immediately gained enormous popularity among wine connoisseurs around the world. Thousands of people come to this festival, to be able to get acquainted with a variety of delicious varieties of Aquitaine and Bordeaux wines. And also take part in one of the grandest festivals dedicated to winemaking, history and culture of the region.

Deciding to go on this holiday, find out in advancethe dates of the meeting. It usually falls on the last weekend of June, but deadlines are always different. The summer of 2012 Wine Festival will be held from 28 June to 1 July.

Advance book yourself in a hotel room, a room or other accommodation in the Bordeaux neighborhood. Remember, the closer the start of the holiday, the less you will have a chance to find a free room.

Book your airline tickets, you need toobtain a Schengen visa, and collect the necessary documents. Their list can be found in the country's visa application center or on the official website of the Embassy. This should be done in advance, as the opening of a visa can take some time.

After receiving permission to enter, and redeem ticketsgo on a trip. And that it was the most intense, find out about the festival program via the Internet and, if possible, book your tickets for the events you are interested in. The festival often includes not only tasting and tours of the vineyards and factories, but also various concerts, contests, competitions and theatrical performances.

But those who do not want to burden themselves with choreson self-organization of a trip, you can buy a ticket through a travel agency in Bordeaux. To do this, you will need to collect the same documents for the visa and pay the cost of the tour. You can also buy a ticket to Paris and visit the Festival of Bordeaux travel.

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