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How to reach Bibirevo

How to reach Bibirevo

Bibirevo when a former village, now is a district in the north-east of Moscow.

You can reach it by road, and in 1995 it opened the same name subway station.



"Bibirevo" metro station located on theSerpukhovsko-Timiryazevskaya line (gray). To reach it from the "Altufyevo" station, you need to go to the south (the next stop will be "Bibirevo"), and from other stations of the same line - the north. To get on the line with the other "branches", use the stations transplants. These include:
- "Dmitry Donskoy Boulevard" - the transition from the "Streets Starokachalovskaya" (Butovskaya Line, pale blue) -
- "Sevastopol" - the transition from "Kakhovka" (Kakhovskaya Line, aqua, pale color) -
- "Serpukhov" - with "Dobryninskaya" (Circle line, brown) -
- "Mendeleev" - from "Novoslobodskaya" (Circle line, brown) -
- "Borovitskaya" - with the "Arbat» (Arbat-Pokrovskaya line, blue) and "Lenin Library" (Sokolnicheskaya line, red) -
- "Chekhov" - with "Tver" (Zamoskvoretskaya line, green) and "Pushkin" (Violet Metro Line, raspberry) -
- "Color boulevard" - with the "Pipe" (Lublin-Dmitrov line, light green).


If you can not find the line in this list, withwhich are going to go to the "Bibirevo" station, then directly Serpukhovsko-Timiryazevskaya line is not crossed. In this case, instead of a transplant will have to do two. Make a rational route: sometimes rational to change seats with the first line, where you are, on the roundabout, and then with the Ring - the Serpukhov-Timiryazev, and sometimes - choose a shorter route inside the ring.


Some areas of Moscow rationalBibirevo get to on the bus. If you are near the metro station "Medvedkovo", use the trolley bus 73 and if near the metro station "ENEA" or "Vladykino" - trolley bus number 80. And on the subway "Altufyevo" get to Bibirevo can be any of these trolleybuses. Note that the first of them drove straight to the "Bibirevo" metro station, and the second - to 6 microdistrict Bibirevo.


The district buses are Bibirevotwenty-two routes. Basically, they allow you to get to it from other areas of the Northern and North-Eastern regions. For example, if you are in Hovrino, Lianozovo Altufyevo or use the bus number 92 - the underground station "Bibirevo" will be the final stop. A bus number 278 will allow access to the Bibirevo from "VDNH" metro station, railway platforms "Northerner", "Losinoostrovskaya", "Moose" Yaroslavl direction, "Mark", "Lianozovo" Savelovsky direction.


Get to Bibirevo by car or on foot can be on Altufievskoe highway. Also on the territory of the region passes of the Moscow Ring Road (MKAD) - from 84 to 88 kilometers.

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