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Balakovo - a city in the Saratov region, said two years ago centenary.

The historical part of the city is rich in sights, in addition Balakovo has a major river port and the port.



Balakovo is the administrative center of Balakovo municipal district. There are several ways that can be a hassle to get to the city.


The most profitable - a railway transport. Between Moscow and Balakovo runs fast train "047Y Moscow - Balakovo", which departs daily from Paveletsky station at 14:06. Cost of the ticket in a compartment of about 2500 rubles, in second-class car - 1500rubley. The trip takes a total of 20 hours.


Less convenient, but also demanded a way - tochaise. You go by train or plane to Saratov, and then get to the Balakovo commuter trains or bus. Buses depart from the local bus station every hour, ticket price is about 200 rubles. You can also use the services of local taxi drivers - they are not much more expensive. On the way you will spend less than three hours.


We should also specify that if you are to Saratovintend to fly on an airplane, you need to know what services are available company-monopolist OAO "Saratov Airlines", and the prices are quite high for the flights. The cheapest one-way tickets cost from 3,200 rubles. Departure is from the airports Domodedovo and Vnukovo. The flight takes one and a half hours.


You can pretty quickly get up to Balakovoprivate car, again through Saratov. The distance between the capital and the Balakovo - a total of 1010 kilometers, the road takes an average of 12-14 hours a quiet ride, but it all depends on the degree of congestion of the route.


It should also be noted that Balakovo - centershipbuilding industry, it has a major river port. In summer, tourists can reach the city on the Volga River by boat. Vouchers must be purchased for a few months before the trip.

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