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How to get to Balakovo


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Balakovo is a city in the Saratov region, which celebrated its 100th anniversary two years ago.

The historical part of the city is rich in sights, besides there is a large river station and port in Balakovo.



Balakovo is the administrative center of the Balakovo municipal district. There are several ways that you can easily get to this city.


The most profitable is railway transport. Between Moscow and Balakovo, the fast train "047 Moscow - Balakovo" is running, which departs daily from Paveletsky railway station at 14:06. The cost of the ticket in the compartment is about 2500 rubles, in a reserved car - 1500rubles. The journey takes a total of 20 hours.


Less convenient, but also popular method - onShifting. You travel by train or plane to Saratov, and from there you get to Balakovo by commuter train or bus. Buses depart from the local bus station every hour, the ticket price is about 200 rubles. You can also use the services of local taxi drivers - they are not much more expensive. On the way you will spend no more than three hours.


It is necessary to specify separately that if before Saratov youAre going to fly by plane, you need to know that the services are provided by the company-monopolist of JSC "Saratov Airlines", and the prices for flights are quite high. The cheapest tickets at one end are from 3200 rubles. Departure is carried out from the airports of Domodedovo and Vnukovo. The flight takes an hour and a half.


You can quickly get to Balakovo onPersonal car, again through Saratov. The distance between the capital and Balakovo - a total of 1010 kilometers, the road takes an average of 12-14 hours of quiet driving, but it all depends on the degree of congestion.


It is also worth noting that Balakovo is a centerShipbuilding industry, it has a large river port. In summer, tourists can get to the city along the Volga by boat. It is necessary to purchase permits several months before the trip.

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