How to get to Valaam

How to get to Valaam</a>

The Valaam archipelago, located in the northern part of the Ladoga Island, is more than 20 km distant from the mainland and unites more than 50 islands.

The largest of the islands of the archipelago is the island of Valaam.

The surrounding nature alone is enough to turn Valaam into a place of pilgrimage for thousands and thousands of tourists.



One of the most comfortable and, as a consequence, the mostExpensive ways - a tourist cruise on the boat. The ship departs from St. Petersburg and arrives directly to the island of Valaam. In addition, you will need to take care of getting to Moscow from St. Petersburg, which in general is not a problem - at your disposal are express trains, regular trains, bus routes departing from Moscow to St. Petersburg and back several times a day.


A trip by boat usually takes the night on the road,Day on the island and another night on the road already in the opposite direction. The fare includes accommodation in the cabin, meals, a number of excursion routes on the island and recreational activities on the boat.


A faster and more economical option is travelOn a water meteor (the so-called easy one-deck boat) for 1 day. Departure will be, as in the previous case, from St. Petersburg, here on the way you will spend 4 hours in each direction, and about 8 hours of free time will remain for acquaintance with the island. The minus of this variant of the trip is the noise of the boat, which for four hours swimming is very tiring.


Another option for the arrival of tourists on ValaamIs especially popular in the spring-autumn period, when standard trips from St. Petersburg are already terminated. In May or November, you can get to Valaam from Sortavala, where, for example, the October railway leads from Moscow. From St. Petersburg - train number 350 is sent by odd numbers from the Ladoga railway station. An electric train from the northern capital goes to the village of Kuznechnoe, then to Sortavala. Departure daily from Finland station at 16.32 hours.


Before Sartoval from Moscow or St. Petersburg can be reached by either an intercity bus or a car, but such a journey is tiresome because of the duration (the distance between St. Petersburg and the city is about 300 km), besides, the car will have to be left in the city for the duration of a walk through Valaam. In fairness, it must be said that there is a guarded and rather large parking lot near the pier.


From the city pier to the island you can get toBy regular motor ship on Mondays and Fridays at 4 pm or 5 pm. The journey takes 2.5 hours. You can use the local sightseeing boat "Meteor", it walks almost every day, but without a clear timetable. The journey takes 1 hour. Estimated cost of 700 rubles.


In Sortavala, you can use the servicesYacht club, which is located near the well-known in the city hotel "Piypun-piha". From the city quay the ships to Valaam depart once every two hours, there are also small carriers, most of which work either through numerous agencies or independently, without, however, providing tourists with special guarantees for safety on the water.


Travel to the "northern Athos" can be accomplished andFrom the city of Priozersk, Leningrad region, which can be reached by train from the Finnish railway station - direction to Kuznechnoye - from the station "Devyatkino" or from the bus station "Severny", m. Devyatkino by bus number 859.

From Priozersk to Valaam, you can only getOn the water from the Valaam quay and only in the navigation season, which begins in May and ends in October. Cargo ship "St. Nicholas" makes flights before the end of November, but does not take passengers officially.


The monastic republic also has a specializedPilgrimage service, which also organizes trips to the island. For example, you can fly to a monastery with a helicopter. One-day such tour will cost about three hundred thousand rubles, two-day tour - 450,000.

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