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How to get there by bus from the heat of the camp to Peredelkino

How to get there by bus from the heat of the camp to Peredelkino

Distance from Teply Stan to Peredelkino is 20 km, travel time - 20 minutes.

If Teply Stan is located in the south-west of Moscow, and is the administrative district, the Peredelkino - a cottage settlement without settlement status.

You will need

  • - Bus №767-
  • - Taxi №67M.



Peredelkino outside Moscow and is to reachthe village is possible only by train, bus or taxi. Metro to it is not yet reached and the nearest station is far. Therefore, public transport is the saving thread for passengers who wish to get from the heat of the camp to Peredelkino. Many opt for buses and minibuses, because of their speed and comfort, unlike trains.


Taxi with following Teply Stan -Peredelkino is 67m room. He touched from the metro station and travels along the street Profsoyuznaya, turns on the Ring Road, and then goes on Borowski highway to the tennis court, near the ice rink, "Rainbow" and the swimming pool, the street Chobotovskaya to the clinic №70, located on the street. Sculptor Mukhina. For the route provided a comfortable bus Isuzu-Bogdan. Minibuses go from 5:00 to 23:00 pm daily. motion interval of 15-20 min. without traffic jams. Fare - 30 p. The starting point of the route is the metro station "Teply Stan", the ultimate - the street Fedosino. Minibus belongs to JSC «Autoline Group", a division of "Passazhiroff" LLC.


Also before the holiday village can be reached bybus №767. Public transport passes through areas Yasenevo, Mosrentgen, Teply Stan, Ochakovo-Matveevskoe, Solntsevo and Novo-Peredelkino. It goes through the stop - "Ring", "Vostryakovsky cemetery", "DSK-3", "Tereshkovo", "The passing street", "Borovskoe highway, 20", "Choboty", "Novoperedelkinskaya Street", "Mukhina sculpture", " Fedosino street "," 11 Solntseva neighborhood. " Bus provides the route SUE "Mosgortrans" bus fleet №14. On the flight out on weekdays from 5:15 to 00:45, at the weekend from 5:45 to 00:40 h. The ticket fare is 30 p.


Passengers on buses and taxis a lot. At first, the passengers are at war with each other for a place in public transport, and then another hour standing in a traffic jam on the highway Borovsky. Therefore, new routes towards Teply Stan - Peredelkino and construction of a new metro station, which promise even from the distant 1992, would solve a lot of problems with the flow of passengers.


From Teply Stan to Peredelkino if you can nottake the bus and minibus taxis can be ordered. The service costs from 600 rubles. All passenger cars are equipped with child seats, there is an opportunity to pay off bank transfer. The price varies on what kind of fare selected - fixed or per minute.

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