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How to obtain a court verdict


How to obtain a court verdict</a>

A copy of the sentence of the court is sent (transferred) to the convicted (acquitted), the prosecutor and the lawyer within 5 working days from the date of its issuance.

The remaining participants in the proceedings (the victims and their legal representatives) will have to contact the office or the archives of the court to receive this document.



Note: If you are a victim (or his legal representative), neither the office nor the archive has the right to demand payment of the state duty from you, if you apply for this document for the first time.


In order to receive a copy Sentences, You must write an application to the chairman of the district court. In the application, indicate his full name and your full name and passport details. If you do not know the case number, a copy Sentences On which you request, indicate the name of the convicted (justified) and the date of delivery Sentences. With a written application and passport, contact the duty judge for a resolution.


If you are applying for a copy Sentences Not for the first time, since the previous one was youLost or used for its appeal or for other purposes, you will have to pay the state fee in the prescribed amount and necessarily indicate in the text of the application the reason for the request. Usually the amount of state duty depends on the number of pages Sentences.


You do not have to pay the state fee only inIf you are a convicted person in this case and do not have money and relatives willing to contribute it. This must be documented.


If you request a copy Sentences On cases that were examinedLong enough, you should go directly to the judicial archive, and not to the office. The office keeps only cases that were examined this year.


Procedure for obtaining a copy Sentences May be difficult, if its extradition, according to the judge, at the moment threatens the interests of the convict. Persons who were not participants in this litigation, a copy Sentences Not issued.

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