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How to get the verdict

How to get the verdict

A copy of the verdict is sent (transferred) convicted (acquitted), prosecutors and lawyers within 5 working days from the date of its issuance.

The other trial participants (victims and their legal representatives) have to contact the office or in the court file for the document.



Note: if you are a victim (or his legal representative), or stationery, archive or may not require you to pay registration fee in the event that you apply for this document for the first time.


To obtain a copy of verdict, You need to write an application addressed to the Chairman of the district court. In a statement, specify its name and your full name and passport details. If you do not know the case number, a copy verdict to which request, specify name of the convicted (acquitted) and the date of delivery verdict. With the written statement and a passport, refer to the duty judge for resolution.


When you apply for a copy verdict not for the first time, since the previous one was youlost or used for his appeal or for other purposes, you will have to pay a state fee in the prescribed amount and be sure to specify in the text of the statement the reason for the request. Typically, the state tax amount depends on the number of pages verdict.


Do not pay a state fee you are entitled to onlyif you are convicted in the case and do not have cash and relatives who are willing to make it. This should be documented.


If you request a copy verdict in cases where the consideration was madefor a long time, you should apply directly to the court file, not in the office. In the office are stored only the examination of which was made in the current year.


The procedure for obtaining copies verdict It may be hampered if its issuance, according to the judge, currently threatens the interests of the convicted person. Persons who are not parties to this lawsuit, a copy verdict It shall not be issued.

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