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How to get state support of small business


How to get state support of small business</a>

The main issue arising from start-up entrepreneurs is financial.

Where to get starting capital, if there is a goodBusiness idea, the forces to implement it, energy and people who will help? Many abandon the idea of ​​creating their own business precisely because of the lack of funds for its development.

Many people think that without their own investments, nothing can turn out.

But we must not forget that the state today actively supports start-ups.

Turning to the Employment Center, you can get government support for small businesses.



To get government support for small businesses,It is necessary to obtain the status of the unemployed. To do this, contact the Employment Service at the place of residence, register as unemployed and wait about two weeks. If during this time there are no suitable vacancies for you, you will be given the status of unemployed. After this, you can either receive unemployment benefits monthly, or you will be offered self-employment as an IP or legal entity.


After you get the status of unemployedGo through psychological testing for preparedness to run your own business. Based on the results of this testing, the Employment Service will make a preliminary decision on granting or not granting a subsidy for small business development, so approach the testing as seriously as possible. Well sleep well before passing the test, be as honest and serious as possible. Thus, you will be checked for readiness to open your own business from the point of view of psychology and knowledge of economic fundamentals.


If knowledge in the field of business is not enough, butPsychologically you are ready to start a business, you will be offered to study at any of the local educational institutions, where you will learn the basics of accounting, work with personnel and other skills necessary for a businessman. Training is free of charge, because the state is interested in the development of small business and is ready to help it develop.


The next step is the development of a business plan and protectionIt before the receiving committee. A sample business plan will be provided to you in the Employment Service, there you will be told about the basic requirements for it. The business plan will need to describe in detail all the costs that are planned in the first months after the opening of their own business. This business plan will need to be protected before a commission of several people. The simplest way is to get a subsidy to start a business in the field of agriculture and in socially important spheres. If the commission approves your business plan, you will receive a subsidy in the amount of 58,800 rubles and compensation of state fees paid for the registration of a legal entity or as an Individual Entrepreneur.

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