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How to get a snake on the racetrack

How to get a snake on the racetrack

During training at a driving school compulsory exercises are to pass the snake, rack, parallel parking or parking in the box.

During the snake to pass on autodrome among arranged in a certain order racks have both the domestic driving school exam, and during the final exam in the traffic police.

Snake - the following exercise after the overpass,which is explained by an instructor during training at a driving school site. Despite appearances implementation ease, knocked down the rack and hit a brake line - a frequent phenomenon during training and exam.

Key to successful exercise

In order to pass the "snake", to pass onautodrome must be at a minimum speed, and use the correct way to taxiing. In addition, it is worth remembering and that the rear axle of the car thanks to the constructive characteristics is shifted to the center of rotation. It is useful knowledge will not only during the delivery of examination exercises, but also in real life.

How to perform a snake

In the Internet there are enoughvideo clips that demonstrate the correct execution of the exercises. To pass the snake you need to drive through the 4 sections of the rectangular area, circling the rack along a path resembling the movement of a snake crawling. The length of each such section - half the length of the machine, the width of the section is equal to the width of the car.
Before the start of the exercise the dealer pulls up to the stop line and stops. This car definitely is placed on the handbrake, the next step is performed only after the examiner team.

If the student does not stop before the stop line or continue to move without the examiner's command, the exercise is not performed. In addition, they will be penalized.

During the beginning of the movement - steering wheel right speedmovement is regulated clutch pedal. It is worth remembering that the grip, squeezed into the floor, the car slows down. If you start to lift it, the vehicle begins to accelerate.
As soon as the middle of the left car dooris on the first level of the rack, the wheel must be turned to the left by two turns. In a state where the front corner of the car comes to the rack, you want to go round, the steering wheel is turned to the right. Further steps are identical to those described. Once the car will travel the last rack, it is necessary to direct the wheels roll to a stop line, stop the car be sure to put on the handbrake. Exercise performed.

Each exam, both domestic and in the traffic police means another attempt to retake the exam. If the snake will be performed with penalty points, have the opportunity to try their hand again.

Possible penalty points

Penalty points during the exercise maybe charged for crossing the stop line, downed rack stalled while driving motor not included neutral after stopping, not the parking brake before the beginning and end of the exercise.

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