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How to get the perfect tan


How to get the perfect tan</a>

Summer is approaching, and I would like everyone to have an even and natural tan.

Alas, nature does not spoil us with an abundance of sun rays, so many girls try to get a good tan right on the first day and thus only harm themselves.



It is worth remembering that the most even tanIs achieved by the adoption of sun baths in strictly defined hours. The best time for this is considered to be the intervals from 9 to 11 am and from 16 to 19 pm.


Before going to the beach, you should use a body scrub - the tan is best placed on the renewed skin.


In order not to harm your skin, advise to sunbathe no more than 2 hours per day.


Do not forget to use protective equipment. It is naive to believe that they only block sunburn - among other things, they protect the skin from the harmful effects of the sun.
At the beginning of the summer pore for the skin of a pale type, the means with a protective factor of 30, and for the swarty-20 will suit. As the skin gets darker, the factor can be reduced to 8.


Tanning enhancers are indicated for use only at the end of the holiday, when the skin is fairly accustomed to the effects of ultraviolet light.


Do not forget about the funds after sunburn. Even if your skin has acquired a pleasant olive hue after sun bathing, be sure to cool and moisten it.


Take care not only of the skin, but also of othersParts of your body. For example, for lips there are special moisturizing lipsticks, it's better to hide your eyes behind glasses, cover your head with a panama, and your hair - sprinkle with a spray to protect yourself from the sun.

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