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How to get the money purse Yandex

How to get money with Yandex purse

Payment System "Yandex" provides its users with the opportunity to receive money from the wallet in several ways.

Each of them has its own characteristics of the procedure and withdrawal rate funds, as well as differences in the amount of fees levied.



At the moment, to transfer money "Yandex.Money "offers tie through your e-wallet account to the credit card of one of the three Russian banks: Alpha Bank, Bank" Opening "or RosEvroBank.

  • In the first case the connection need holdercard to the "Alfa-Click" Internet Banking system, and then - through Yandex purse tied to the card account for the subsequent withdrawal of funds to it from the payment system.
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  • Having a map of the bank "Opening", it is possible to attach to it through Yandex purse via ATM, by selecting the appropriate menu item.
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  • To combine a plastic card RosEvroBankwith a score in the "Yandex", you must apply for such an action in a bank, which will issue for you a virtual card specifically to work with her in the payment system. Number of the card account is entered in the special form on the website of the purse to confirm binding.

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In the derivation of money at the expense of any of these cards will be charged a fee of 3% of the amount.


Yandex Money with purse can be obtainedin cash, by taking advantage of one of the & nbsp-offered money transfer systems (Contact and Migom), as well as through the NSCA 'RIB' cash office. To do this, you need to fill out a form in your account on the website "Yandex", to receive a payment number and 2-3 working days to apply to the point of issuing payments with a passport. Yandex purse Commission for the withdrawal of funds & nbsp-range from 3%, not including the additional amounts charged money transfer systems.


In addition, money purse Yandex canbring to the ruble account in any Russian bank, owned by a resident of the Russian Federation in the status of an individual. Commission system in this case will be equal to 3% of the payment amount plus 15 rubles. At the same time your bank may charge an additional fee, the amount of which should be checked prior to the transfer. receipt time to the bank account varies from 3 to 7 working days.

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