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How to get money from maternity capital


How to get money from maternity capital</a>

The state of our country most recently developed a number of measures to support families in which the second child was born.

One such measure is to provideCertificate for maternity capital, which can be spent in three areas: the acquisition of housing, the education of children or an accumulative part of the labor pension of the mother.



Many do not know that the generic certificate is dueCashing out. Of course, according to the law, maternity capital is not given up, but you can get money if you make some effort. If you have some own amount of money, you can buy a living space, but only it should be more than the one in which you have registered children. Part of the funds for the purchase you make in cash, and some - a certificate for maternity capital. Then, after some time, you can sell the acquired real estate, and then the money will be in your hands.


The second option of cashing the certificate is relevantFor those who have the opportunity to buy housing in a mortgage. To do this, you need to collect a certain package of documents for the bank, apply for a mortgage loan, part of which can be repaid through maternity capital. Then you need to apply to the bank for permission to sell the mortgaged apartment. If such a consent the bank gives, then it can be sold. Part of the proceeds from the sale you spend to pay off the balance of the debt, and some will remain in your hands. However, in this case, finding a buyer for the mortgaged property will be quite difficult.


If you want to build a house, but you needCash, you can also solve this problem with the help of maternity capital. To do this, you need to get permission to build a house and buy a plot. Once the foundation of the house has been erected, you can complete the unfinished construction and take out a loan in the bank, which can be repaid through the means of the parent capital, and you can keep the cash. But in this case you will bear the costs that are associated with the payment of interest on the loan.


If you have two or three close friends,Which are like you are holders of a certificate for maternity capital, you can buy housing in common share ownership. Then sell the apartment, and divide the money. However, this scheme should be very cautious, since in the event of any misunderstandings, law enforcement agencies can prove that the deal was fictitious.

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