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How to get the money from the parent capital

How to get the money from the parent capital

State our country has just been developed by a number of measures to support families in which was born the second child.

One such measure is to providecertificate for maternity capital, which can be spent in three areas: housing, education of children or the funded part of labor pensions mother.



Many do not know that the birth certificate shall becashing. Of course, according to the legislation, maternity capital funds are not issued on the hands, but you can get the money, if you put some effort. If you have a certain amount of its own money, you can buy a living space, but it should be larger than the one in which you are registered children. Part of the funds when you make a purchase in cash, and some - a certificate for maternity capital. Then, after some time, acquired property, you can sell, and then the money will be in your hands.


The second option of cashing relevant certificatefor those who have the opportunity to purchase a house in mortgages. To do this you need to collect a certain set of documents for the bank, get a loan, part of which can be repaid by means of the parent capital. You will then need to contact the bank for the sale of mortgaged flats resolution. If such an agreement the bank would, it could be sold. Part of the proceeds from the sale you take to repay the debt balance, and some will remain in your hands. However, in this case, to find a buyer for the mortgaged property will be difficult.


If you want to build a house, but you needcash, you can also solve this problem by means of the parent capital. To do this, you need to get permission to build a property and buy land. Once the foundation of the house is built, you can make a construction in progress and to take out a bank loan to pay off which will be the means of the parent capital and cash keep. But in this case you will incur costs associated with the payment of interest on the loan.


If you have two or three close friends,who are like you are the owner of the certificate for maternity capital, you can buy a house in common ownership. Then sell the apartment, and the money divided. However, the scheme should be very careful, because in case of any misunderstanding the law enforcement agencies will be able to prove that the transaction was a sham.

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