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How to get the maximum income from savings

How to get the maximum income from savings

The desire to increase savings - the main engine of the market economy.

Millions of people around the world use a variety of tools to improve the return on capital.


Investments in securities - a method for producingincome at which the money "work" on their own. In contrast to the placement of savings in a deposit account in a bank, stock growth is not limited to the top rate, they can at any time to sell - fixing their profits.


Creating your own business - one of the safest ways to invest. In addition, the business can be considered as vital school, socially useful project.
Find a "niche" of customers - one of the most difficult tasks. Today, the search for personnel is simplified using personal ads services (Olx, Avito) and a large number of freelance professionals.
Most emerging market at the momentis the sphere of IT and Internet. Creating websites and information products is low cost, but if you become their owner, overhead costs will tend to zero, and the profit will only increase or remain unchanged. To create websites and information products you can hire freelancers or invest in their own knowledge, to do everything on their own and reduce the risks.

The principle of "boom"

The global financial crisis of 2008 revealedthe vulnerability of the stock market securities. Suddenly everything began to sell stocks, bonds and derivatives (credit derivatives), there was a shortage of liquidity - all in a hurry to sell at the same time, with the growing "enthusiasm", there were no buyers in the market. Prices for popular securities decreased by 90% -95%, many joint stock companies went bankrupt at all.
Well-known financier Nassim Taleb (one ofthe few who managed to cash in on the global financial crisis), in his book "Antihrupkost. How to benefit from the chaos, "offers the choice to replace the idea of" medium "," reliable "shares the use of the bar method. During his 90% of the investment portfolio invested in the most reliable low-profit tools (eg, cash) and the remaining 10% - in the most risky instruments. The risk of being left with nothing is almost zero, and the chance to gain maximum profit is great.

Sports Betting

One of the risk (and profitable) waysincome is to predict athletic performance. In many ways, this tool combines a high-risk strategy "boom", as described above. You can use a 10% savings to predict sporting events on the Betfair exchange rates. Game Exchange is more similar to the stock market, than betting or casino. It is possible to "buy" the outcome of a single event (eg, winning football team) for one price, and then increase the value of the purchased event (factor), it is possible to sell it, placing a draw and defeat the team. The use of intelligent strategies can protect you from injury. This way of generating income suit lovers of mathematics, economics and sports.

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