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How to get a land share


How to get a land share</a>

Many people would like to own private agricultural land.

Since 1992, this has become possible.

But not all people have the right to land share, as well as securing a land share for a person does not yet mean its allocation in kind.

You will need

  • - personal passport-
  • - cadastral passport for a land plot-
  • - the permission of the district leadership to provide the land share (extract from the resolution) -
  • - receipt of payment of duty-
  • - a document confirming the right to receive a land share on a free basis-
  • - document on the liquidation of the organization of agriculture-
  • - an extract and a plan from the land cadastre.



The land share is a separate land plot,Allocated to a citizen in a common land mass. Decree of the President of Russia No. 213 of 02.03.1992 establishes the circle of possible participants in privatization. In accordance with it, the right to a land share was owned by workers of agricultural enterprises that worked for them as of 01.01.1992, as well as dismissed employees who left agricultural enterprises because of its liquidation or staff reduction.


In addition, a land share can be claimedPensioners living in rural areas and working in their time in agriculture, social workers who work for agricultural enterprises, fellows of the economy, persons who temporarily do not work in agricultural enterprises, but can recover there after their return, for example, military conscripts and so on . P.


Despite the fact that land legislationProvides for free privatization of land shares, work on the preparation of documents and registration of ownership will still take a fairly large amount of money. For registration of the land share it is necessary to collect the necessary package of documents and transfer them to the district administration.


Please note that the land share is allocatedNot as an integral piece of property, but as property in a share with other participants. And in order to register a land share with you, you have to go through the procedure regulated by the Law "On Turnover of Agricultural Land".


In addition, although the land share is grantedFor free, citizens owning it must pay cadastral work and annually pay property tax. Its amount depends on the tax rate and the size of the land plot. The land share can be inherited by the relatives after the death of the owner if there is a notarized will in their name.

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