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How to get knowledge


All knowledge of the world is somewhere recorded</a>

John Reed believed that first we get a lot of knowledge.

And then choose which of these knowledge we need. It's difficult to get immediately the most necessary information, because no one knows how life will turn out.

And no one at the beginning of the road knows its purpose.

Therefore, we absorb all the knowledge that we can accommodate.

You will need

  • Access to the necessary literature.



Make a list of questions that you would likeWork out. These can be general questions, for example, everything about electricity. And there may be narrowly specialized concepts, for example, methods of sales. The clearer you imagine the object of study, the faster you will find the information you need.


Communicate with people who know where to findAnswers. On some issues tens and hundreds of books have been written. You can not even view all these sources. But taking the first book as a basis is not the best way to learn. There are good books, there are poor books. You need advice from knowledgeable people.


Study the necessary sources of information. After choosing a few books carefully work them out. It is not necessary to go somewhere for a lecture. You are quite capable to understand independently. Paid advice of a good teacher will never interfere, but they need to be prepared in advance. Then you can not only get the basics, but also go deeper into the subject.


Summarize the findings knowledge. Describe all the information you have studied in the formSeveral key principles that can be immediately applied in life. And do not rely on your memory, be sure to make notes. They will be useful to you in the years to come.

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