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How to get the knowledge

All knowledge of the world where something is written

John Reid thought that first we have a wealth of knowledge.

And then choose which of the knowledge we need. It is difficult to directly obtain the necessary information only, because no one knows how the rest of life.

And no one in the beginning does not know his destination.

Therefore, we absorb all the knowledge which we can accommodate.

You will need

  • Access to the necessary literature.



Make a list of questions you would likework out. It can be general questions, for example, all of the electricity. A can be narrowly specialized concept, for example, sales methods. The clearer you imagine the object of study, find the right information quickly.


Talk to people who know where to findanswers. On some issues, written dozens of books and hundreds. You can not even see all of these sources. But it is based on the first book - not the best way of learning. There are good books, there is a bad book. Do you need advice of knowledgeable people.


Learn the necessary sources of information. After selecting a few books carefully work through them. You do not have to go somewhere to the lectures. You are quite capable of understanding yourself. Pay consultations good teacher will not be denied, but we must prepare for them in advance. Then you can not only get the basics, but also delve deeper into the subject.


compile the knowledge. Set out all the examination of the information in the formseveral key principles that can be immediately put into practice. And do not rely on your memory, be sure to take notes. They will be useful in subsequent years.

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