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How to get the gold card Rive Gauche

How to get the gold card Rive Gauche

Loyal Customers participating in the loyalty program in the company's network of shops "Rive Gauche".

Depending on the discount card and the brand gets a discount on the products purchased from 5 to 30%.

Discount program

The company "Rive Gauche" offers customerstwo types of discount cards loyalty: standard and gold. The first card is available for free in stores at the checkout when paying for any purchases in the amount of not less than 300 rubles. Depending on the acquired brands, the discount provided by a standard card will be up to 5%.
Discount increases to 30% in number of marksobtaining a gold discount card "Rive Gauche". Typically, these discounts are available at this store such brands as "Estee Lauder", "Biotherm", "clinic", "Max Factor, Sr.", "LANCOME", "Bourgeois". The funds "Dior" and "Shisseydo" discount usually amounts to no more than 15% on brand "Chanel" - 10%. In addition, it added a list of discounts in partner stores. It can be seen in the monthly free magazine "Rive Gauche", or please call Enquiry Service: 8-800-333-20-20.

Benefits rivgosha gold card

Gold VIP card "Rive Gauche" is issued when the purchase amount of 10 000 rubles for a "standard" card at the same time or in the storage order.

"Rive Gauche" Company holds special events atwhich you can get a gold VIP card "Rive Gauche", presenting a discount card perfumes and cosmetics network "Ile de Beaute", "Letual" and "Golden Apple" with a discount of at least 15%.

To exchange one card to another can bedirectly at the store checkout, and the "standard" card is removed and all of her savings to be canceled. After receiving the card, the buyer becomes a member of the club "Rive Gauche".
Gold Card must be activated on sitecompanies in the "My Account" section. To do this, there is filled with a constant profile of the buyer, then the information window to enter a verification code that comes in the phone number or email address. Residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg can also activate the card "Rive Gauche" in the service center.
After receiving a gold VIP discount card,accumulation begins again from scratch. If you type in the amount of 10,000 rubles, on his birthday from "Rive Gauche", you can receive a nice gift! This may be a beach towel, two-way mirror, electric parting manicure, a teddy bear or a cosmetic bag with miniatures. Individual bonuses birthday will accumulate with each purchase.
For the owner of a gold card by e-mail- or sms-mailing about new products, promotions and store promotions.

In the shop there are special offers in which you can get a gold card "Rive Gauche", having made only one purchase a certain amount.

For newsletters, the company needs to fill in the questionnaire "Rive Gauche", which you can find at the checkout at any store of the company. Fill in the form, you can also in the "My Account" on the website.

Provisions for rivgosh map

Provisions for discount card rivgosha alwaysreflected in the cash receipt when making any purchase. Savings can also be found at the cashier in the network "Rive Gauche" stores, the hotline (8-800-333-20-20) or test yourself on the website.

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