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How to get the first passport


How to get the first passport</a>

According to the laws of the Russian Federation, a passport must have all persons who have reached the age of 14 years.

To ensure that your parents are not fined, you need to start making a passport no later than one month after the arrival of the 14th anniversary.

This is a fairly simple procedure.



Make in the photo studio 4 photos of the standardSize 3.5 x 4.5 cm. In the photo you must be without a hat and sunglasses. If you wear glasses due to poor eyesight, then in the photo you need to be in them. Both color and black-and-white photos are allowed.


Pay state fee in the nearest office"Sberbank". Account details for payment of a fee in connection with the receipt of the first passport can be pre-taken at the office of the Federal Migration Service of your district or on the website of the Federal Migration Service of Russia http://www.fms.gov.ru/.


Receipt for payment of state duty, as well as photos andA birth certificate, take it to the department of the Federal Migration Service in the place of residence. There you will need to fill out an application for issuing a passport at the age of 14 years of age and hand in with all the documents. The migration service specialist will appoint you the day of receipt of the document with a red crust. Most likely, it will be 10 days after you have passed all the documents.


At the set date, visit the department again.FMS, where you will receive a birth certificate and you will finally receive your first passport. He will serve you until you reach the age of 20 when the time comes to change it.


When receiving a passport, carefully check whetherYour data is entered, whether any mistake is made. Now you independently, without the help of your parents, will be able to issue a foreign passport, since from that moment your personal signature necessary for obtaining the document came into effect.


If you do not come to the migration officeService 15 days after the appointed date, you will be sent a notification letter by mail to get you a document. According to the law, your passport will be kept in the FMS for 3 years, and then destroyed.

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