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How to get the development plan

How to get a development plan

You have decided to build a private house or apartment, and now you need to get a development plan?

Note: the procedure for obtaining urban plan in regions may be different from the capital, however, a standard package of documents to obtain it remains unchanged.



Introduce a compulsory set of documents along with the application to the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning (or department of the city administration, having the same status) to obtain plana. The application must be written to the head of the Department of the name and be sure to include: - information on the person who is seeking urban development plan (Full name, passport data, address- for legal entities - name and legal address, registration certificate number) -
- Information about the area in which planiruetsya construction of the house (the address area, the cadastral number, possible limitations and encumbrances) -
- Signature and stamp of the applicant (for legal entities) -
- Application (list of documents and the documents themselves) .In a package of mandatory documents include: - certified copy of the surveying business (cadastral plan section) -
- Copies of technical specifications for connection kommunikatsiy-
- geneplan plot, executed in the local system of coordinates the project organization, having the license (on paper and electronic media - in AutoCAD format) -
- Surveying conducted organization in litsenziyu-
- Resolution of the city administration headproviding you with the site or proof of ownership, resulting in UFRS.Esli in this sector are already located some buildings, you will need to submit a certified copy of their data sheets, which can be obtained in the BTI.


If you live in Moscow, then you may need and urban planning study in the following cases: - in the absence of territory-surveying project
- In the absence of parameters and constraints of construction (or reconstruction of existing facility) in this sector.


Within 10 days you will be reported or not taken into consideration the documents submitted by you. If the failure was not followed, within 30 days you will receive urban development plan. And remember: the formulation of this document free of charge.

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