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How to return the loan to the bank

How to obtain from the debtor debt

How to obtain from the debtor debt

A person can get into a situation where lack of money becomes a problem.

He attempts to borrow from friends, or take out a loan in the amount of write receipt of debt.

At the same time, sooner or later by oral or written agreement the borrower is obliged to repay the debt.



If your debtor has not paid the debt fora certain period of time, on a voluntary basis, we can conclude a contract with him to return the debt, with interest. Sometimes cases occur when the debtor has simply forgotten about the debt or the amount calculated. Therefore, in this situation need to competently make a claim letter, which describes the sanctions to be applied in the case of non-payment of debt. Usually, after such information in good faith borrowers repay debt.


If between the lender and the borrower has been issueda receipt for the amount of debt, then demand payment amount on the document not be easy. If there is no response to the claim of the creditor fee proposal, the next step in getting the debt is going to court. With the help of a court order bailiff starts with the case. First, the bailiff gives the performer time the debtor to repay debt on a voluntary basis. If the refund amount owed has not occurred, the officers begin to look for funds in bank accounts and to describe and seize the property owned by the borrower.


If you are a debtor of the bank. The loan, ie the period of arrears from 30 to 90 days, and the number of non-payment or a minimum of the next payment - 2-3 times, the bank in accordance with the loan agreement may apply to your specific sanctions. To start temporarily block your plastic card order, so you can not use the money until you put into the account an amount sufficient to pay the debt. If these measures are you ignored, then the bank has the right to bring you to the black list of clients, as well as reflect your failure to pay on your credit history. Accordingly, in the future the loan you will be very problematic.

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