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How to get the blue hair color

How to get the blue hair color

The modern world offers millions of opportunities to express themselves.

For women, hair color can change almost everything.

Especially when it comes to such an unusual color, like blue or blue.

Why this color

Women choose blue hair color for differentreasons. Someone from childhood "crush the head" image of Malvina, who wants the extreme change, and the more traditional shades seem not sufficient, and there are women who simply seek to continuously shocking.

It is important to understand that hair color is bluecause ridicule and misunderstanding on the part of others. One must have an inner core, fortitude, without embarrassment to perceive the reaction of the world. If you think that the forces it may not be enough, first try a less extreme hair color. For example, a bright but natural red hair color can be a kind of rehearsal, because people react violently enough even for him.

Dyed her hair blue in severalways. If you want to achieve a temporary effect, use a special ink for the hair, chalk or special cartridges. This way you can paint all the hair or separate the individual strands. These tools can be ordered online or purchased at specialty stores.

How to dye your hair in the long term

To obtain a permanent hair color blue,You can use homemade or professional tools. As home remedies usually acts "infernal" mixture of brilliant green, blue tonic for hair or other dyes. However, this method is not safe for the health of hair and to ensure the result can not.

Among the professional paint the desired shades havein different grades. Among them are the Igora and Schwarzkopf. Their products can also be ordered via the internet, to buy in any cosmetic shop, to buy in the barbershop or salon. You can use the services of a good wizard that guides all the necessary procedures, minimizing potential harm.

Note that prior to the application in the shagsky blue color it is necessary to discolor. Hair bleaching at home is rather dangerous. All the compounds that give the desired effect, it is extremely poisonous, so they should be used exactly as instructed, to protect the eyes, nose, and all mucous membranes. So bleaching, even if further painting you want to do by yourself, should contact the salon. Here you can order a date, an unusual haircut that you create a new image. After staining, a few times a month you will have to handle the hair tonic to keep the new color bright enough.

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