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How to get blue color


Blue colors in Isaac Levitan's painting "Spring"</a>

The palette of blue flowers is very diverse. From richly dark to azure.

Blue is often used by artists inCreative works and depending on the intensity symbolizes the sky, water, air. It is also used for painting works, for example, when painting benches, facades of buildings or wallpaper for painting in rooms oriented in southern directions.

You can rely on the choice of specialists or choose a shade of paint on the color samples of the catalog.

This color can be obtained independently.



Buy a white paint in the store, which sells paint and varnish products. It can be white. If you add white to different colors, they create lighter shades of color.


Buy also a blue paint and pour it in a pallet, or in a different container.


Gradually add the white in the paint and carefully stir with a wooden stick. When the color becomes uniform, estimate how much it corresponds to your expectations of the required blue.


If you overdo it with the addition of white, add blue, or you can use black paint.


Another option to get the blue color isAdding a special dye. Buy white paint and gradually, gradually add the dye. Stir the paint thoroughly to dissolve it completely. Otherwise, when working with such a mixture, you risk getting heterogeneity of color of one degree or another. Although for someone this can be just a desirable effect.


In specialized stores of constructionMaterials have a department for the manufacture of paint of almost any shade. This is done on a special automatic machine controlled by a firmware. Such a department you can find, for example, in OBI shops. Contact the service staff and you will be given the option to select the desired shade. After the payment of the order for you will make a mix.

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