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How to get the blue color

blue color on a painting of Isaac Levitan "Spring"

The palette of blue color is very diverse. From rich, dark azure up.

The blue color is often used by artists increative work, and depending on the intensity represents the sky, water and air. It also is used in painting works, such as painting benches, building facades or wallpaper for painting indoors, oriented in the southern areas.

You can rely on a range of professionals or choose a shade of paint on the color swatch.

This color can be produced independently.



Buy white paint at the store, which is on sale there paint products. It may be white. If you add white to a variety of colors, they create lighter shades of color.


Buy and blue paint and pour it into the pan, or in any other capacity.


Gradually add white to the paint and stir thoroughly with a wooden stick. When the color is smooth, evaluate how it correspond to your expectations of the desired blue color.


If you overdo it with the addition of white, add a blue or black ink may be used.


Another option is to get the blue coloradding a special dye. Buy white paint and gradually, gradually add the dye. Stir the paint until it is completely dissolved in it. Otherwise, when using a mixture, you run the risk of heterogeneity of color varying degrees of severity. While for some it may be just the desired effect.


In specialty stores buildingmaterials have a department for the production of almost any paint color. This is done on a special automatic machine controlled by firmware. Such a department, you can find, for example, in the OBI stores. Check with facility staff and you will be given to select the desired hue. After payment of the order for you to produce the mix.

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