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How to get right in 18 years

Upon reaching 18 years of age, each person canreceive any right to drive the vehicle, that is, A, B, C, D, E categories, depending on what you might need. The process of training in driving school exam in the SAI and obtaining rights depends on your driving skills, learning and diligence.

Usually all takes 3-4 months.

To enroll for training

Education at a driving school, you can start already with 16 years,for this must either enroll UPK School Road case, or if they do not, find out what driving school takes pupils. In this case, your training may take six months or even a year. However, with parental consent and a statement from them you will be allowed to take the exam in the SAI to adulthood, the results of which you will be given a certificate. And in 18 years it will be able to get right in any traffic police department.
If this option does not suit you for somereasons, by the age of 18, you can go to the driving courses from another educational institution to which you went after school, if it cooperates with the driving school. In this connection, you will be given a small discount. Or you simply enter the name in any convenient driving school.
The most common training program - 3months, but there is also a 1, and 6 months. During this time, you have to listen to the theory of traffic rules departure his watch with an instructor who will you prepare for the exam at the racetrack and in urban environments.
After receiving approval from their instructordriving to the end of the term of your employment, you allow the internal exam in a driving school, which will show how much you are prepared for the traffic police. Filing with the cops - a difficult test, but self-preservation, excellent knowledge of the rules and the ability to handle the machine you probably will hand over his.

Traffic Police Exam

The exam consists of theoretical and practicalpart of which is in turn divided into the "race track" and "City". In theory, you need to solve a single random ticket with the rules and make it no more than two errors - the most simple. On the racetrack, you say what you need to do three exercises, and you, remembering all you have learned, do them. City part of the exam in the long run a lottery in which the driver may be lucky uncertain, not lucky good. Tune was originally to succeed, but in the case of failure, do not worry, many people do not pass the first time.
After receiving the certificate in a driving school afteryou have all received and congratulated the completion of training, feel free to head to the nearest traffic police, wait for your turn and get the deserved right! The state fee is 400 rubles for the right type of paper, plastic 800 rubles and 1,000 rubles for international. What to choose is up to you, but enough for the paper, because they will still lie with all the documents in one bag.

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