How to obtain rights before

How to obtain rights before</a>

The number of citizens in our country, every day deprived of a driver's license, does not decrease every year.

Naturally, any driver deprived of a driver's license, the question arises: "And can I return them before the deadline set by the court decision?".

At once it is necessary to say that it is practically impossible to do this by a lawful method, since the administrative law does not provide for a reduction in the period of deprivation of rights.



Do not bring the case to a court decision on deprivationRights. There are a lot of subtleties here, but all of them are based on the fact that the limitation period of liability is two months from the moment of committing the offense, and if it succeeds in legalizing the case before its judicial consideration, then in any case you will not be deprived of the rights.


Submit an application for review of the case in anotherCourt. One of the options for delaying the case is filing an application for consideration of the case in another court, but not at your place of residence (this term of shipment is excluded from the statute of limitations), but at the place of registration of the vehicle (the law does not say anything about it).


Tighten the case, referring to the absence of noticeOn the appointment of the court session. Another option is "improper notice". The matter is that the court will not consider the issue of deprivation of rights if the respondent is not notified of the proper consideration of the case. There are many nuances here and it all depends on how the court will send you a notice. The issue of notification is largely controversial, and is still being decided in different ways in every court. So especially rely on this option is prudent.


Submit an application for adjournment of a hearing onCause of your illness. But it should be borne in mind that the court can not accept even a sheet of incapacity for work. As a rule, the option is justified when the defendant is in the hospital.


Do not agree with the decision of the court - appeal toHigher authority. True, the probability of resolving the situation in your favor is not great, but you can try. You will need the help of a qualified lawyer, in this case it's better not to rely on your own forces.


Please appeal the protocol on administrativeOffense. Not many police officers can boast of legal literacy, so inadequate drafting of the protocol can be found everywhere. Violations can occur both during the drafting of the protocol and, in general, in the procedure of detention. Do not ignore your right to receive a copy of the protocol. It can appeal in your favor. The protocol can be recognized as inadmissible evidence, therefore the composition of the offense in your actions will be absent.

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