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The same Yambler

When you install certain programs they offerAdd to browser their services (home page, search, etc.), but not everyone is asking permission from polzovatelya.V this article I will tell you how to get rid of "Yambler" start page (yambler.net) which is installed in all browsers without asking and is not removed by antivirus, browser and browser settings managers.

You will need

  • - Some free time
  • - Computer Administrator Rights



Click on the browser shortcut, right-click and select "Properties"


In the shortcut properties see that under "Object" in the expansion of ".url" file.
Change it to «.exe»


Repeat this step with the rest of the infected browsers and their labels in the "Start" menu


After, you need to open the Task Manager (Ctrl + Alt + Delete - & gt- Start Task Manager) and to complete the processes of browsers
(Google Chrome - chrome.exe, Yandex Browser - browser.exe, Internet Explorer - iexplore.exe, Opera and Opera Next - opera.exe, Safari - Safari.exe)
It is also necessary to complete the process «ZaxarLoader.exe»
If some processes you do not - do not worry, go to the next step.


Next, we need to remove «Zaxar Game Browser»
Removes it through the Control Panel - & gt- Remove Programs


Delete the folder C: Program FilesZaxar with all of its contents


Done! Your computer is disinfected and open your browser's homepage!

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