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How to get rid Webalta

Get rid of Webalta

Webalta - this is such a compulsive search engine which is completely unexpectedly appears in the browser without the user's knowledge.

So, from time to time users notice that their front page was replaced by start.webalta.ru Webalta system and now stands as the default search.

We have this situation not satisfied, so look at how to get rid of Webalta.

Operating environment

Get rid of Webalta, simply by changing the homepageyour browser will not work. When restart the browser once again see the familiar start.webalta.ru. We also need to remove intrusive Webalta permanently from your computer.

The secret to staying this a bad searchyour system browsers is that data entered on it in the operating system registry. These data and should be removed. Click "Start," then type in the search bar the word regedit. Click on the keyboard Enter, thanks to this action opens the Windows registry.

Locate the "Edit" on the top menu, then"Find" drop-down list. In the search, type the word 'window webalta and click "Find Next." When the search is completed, you'll get a list of records that have that word. It is not difficult to guess, these records should be removed. Click on the entries, right-click and select "Delete" item drop-down menu. You can also select by pressing the left post, and press the keyboard Delete.

Getting active actions

It is best to scan your registry a few times,since almost no one was prepared to remove all the records from the first time. When the search will not show any results, you can proceed to the next step of our operation to remove Webalta from your computer. Also worth noting is that all the changes that you make to the registry, you do at your own risk. This is a very dangerous procedure in the case of error repair the operating system may be required.

When you are done with cleaning the registry, change your browser home page as you normally would:

  • for Google Chrome: Click the menu button on the panel at the top right, then "Settings", "Appearance", check the box next to "Show the button" Home ", then" Change "-
  • for Opera: «Tools", then "Settings", select the "Main" menu and at the end of "Home" -
  • for Internet Explorer: Select "Tools", then "Internet Options", now go to "General" and finally, "Home."

We produce double-check

Another place where it is necessarylook to get rid of Webalta - are properties of labels of all browsers. For example, click on the icon of Google Chrome, right click and select "Properties" from the context menu. Find the tab "Shortcut" and then select "Object" and a look, if there's something like this: «C: Program Files (x86) GoogleChromeApplicationchrome.exe» http://start.webalta.ru ».

If there is, it is necessary to remove the «http: // start.webalta.ru », as the first part of recording leave. "OK", you can press after this. If you have a PC on multiple browsers, check their properties in the same way.

More can check the list of installedprograms, often Webalta installs its program and there. In the "Control Panel", click "Programs and Features" (The XR - is "Add or Remove Programs"). Look there is something called Webalta. In case of detection of a suspicious object immediately remove. Once again walk with the search for the registry.

You see how it is sometimes difficult to get rid of intrusive programs. Webalta not the only one who enjoys the "black" methods of promotion.

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