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How to get rid of SMS


How to get rid of sms virus</a>

Still about ten years ago it was possible to work quietlyOn a computer without installing antivirus software, observing simple precautions. Today, it is almost impossible, thousands of malicious programs are spread on the World Wide Web.

One of the species? Sms virus, penetrating into your computer, it blocks the work of some files and processes, insistently demanding to send an SMS message with a certain text to the specified number.



Practice shows that even when sendingMessage and entering the appropriate code, the harmful effect of the virus does not stop, from the mobile phone account at the same time can be written off to several thousand rubles. Hence the main rule: do not send any sms at the request of the virus program.


First, check your computer withUsing an antivirus program. If the first step does not work, click Start / Programs / Accessories / System Tools / System Recovery and start the system restore from the checkpoint.


If the previous recommendations were not givenYou must restart the computer in safe mode. To do this, reboot and, while the computer is loading, press F8, select the safe boot mode.


You need to disable system recovery (right click on the icon? My Computer? / Properties / System Recovery, check the box? Disable System Restore?).


In a safe mode, check your computer for anti-virus utilities: first Drweb CureIt, AVZ, Trojan Remover. Antivirus utilities can be downloaded from the sites of manufacturers.


Staying in safe mode, carefullyCheck the startup items and delete any suspicious programs. Check the registry path (Start / regedit), delete all unnecessary and suspicious. Restart and check the result.

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