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How to get rid of wasps on the balcony

How to get rid of wasps on the balcony

Settle on the balcony of the wasps are a constant source of danger.

Their bites can not only be very painful, but also cause an allergic reaction with severe health consequences.

You will need

  • - Thick wear-
  • - Net for litsa-
  • - benzin-
  • - margantsovka-
  • - Fruit or berries primanki-
  • - plastic bag-
  • - A deep container with hot water.



Take care of your own safety, beforethan to approach a hornet's nest. Wear tight clothing that will help protect against bites and protect the face with a special headdress with a grid. In addition, it is important to remember that some smells for wasps are a strong irritant, because of which they can behave very aggressively. For example, you should not approach a hornet's nest after consuming alcoholic beverages. Also discard the perfume, if you want to get rid of the wasps on the balcony and not be stung.


Destroy a hornet's nest by a fire. It's enough to bring down his stick in some capacity, and then pour any inflammable liquid and set on fire. This method can be used only with the onset of autumn, when the wasps in the nest will be gone. Returning to his dwelling, and not finding it in the same place, the wasp can fly off in search of a suitable site for a new nest, or may take on an old restoration. It is therefore necessary not only to destroy the hornets' nest, but also to treat the place where it was, potassium permanganate or special insect repellent.


Use the sweet bait. So you will be able to first get rid of the wasps themselves, and only then, and from their homes, which can be burned or simply thrown away. To prepare the bait you can use any sweet fruits and berries - such as watermelon or pear. Effective bait and get out of the jam. Having laid a treat in a suitable container, treat it with poison for insects, set next to the hornet's housing and wait a few days.


Use a plastic bag. It is necessary to accurately place the hornet's nest and strike quickly. You can then dip the packet in a bucket of hot water, where the wasps will die quickly, or simply bury it in the ground. If you do not want to kill wasps, simply discard the packet with the slot away from home.

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