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How to get rid of wasps in the country

How to get rid of wasps in the country

Getting rid of the pesky insect is rarely easy. Wasps in this sense are no exception.

They - are frequent visitors to the suburban areas, as the roofs of houses and cottages are the perfect place for their nests, and growing in the territory of fruits and berries - it is the best food for them. Peacefully coexist with wasps is not always possible.

People often want to get rid of this neighborhood.

The easiest way to get rid of wasp nests in the spring,when the insects are just beginning to build their house. At this time, they are also small, and the size of the socket itself does not exceed a walnut. If during detect it, it may be safely cut off and destroy the nest. Wasps can not harm you. Arriving to the place where their house was, they pokruzhat and fly away to another place.
Another thing, if you want to destroy a colony of waspsin summer, when the nest built up, circling around a lot of insects, becoming aggressive when approaching human. In this case, the easiest to use special tools, such as "Troapsil", "Protection against Moskitol oc", etc. The disadvantage of these preparations are a strong toxicity, therefore their use should be outside the premises. It should also be remembered that the poison of wasps should be in the evening, when they all flock to his house for the night. Happy spraying will give poor results, because the majority of wasps in the nest will not be, and when they return, they will become very aggressive, unable to find its nest.
If a hornet's nest comfortably get, you canthrow him tight package or bag, pressing the edges of the wall. Then you need to sprinkle some insecticide inside and again press firmly. The edges can be fixed with adhesive tape or a stapler. An hour later, you can remove the bag and cut the slot.
With the destruction of nests should be aware of their own safety. You must wear tight clothing with long sleeves, gloves, hands should be protected, and the face - a bandage.
If access to the hornet's nest there, for example,when it is in the roof, you can use the drug "ghetto". It is available as an ointment. Getty necessary to smear a hole through which the wasps are in the nest. Part of the preparation, they bring with them on the feet and, after some time, this will lead to the extinction of species.
Another way - the spray any insecticide watermelon rind and put it next to nest. Wasps can taste treats and die. They will be much less, but the nest will remain intact.
Wasps love to make nests on the site of their old settlements. Therefore, after its destruction, you need to place the socket mounting lubricate vinegar, kerosene, or paint with oil paint.

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